Communication of Student Learning (CoSL) Reporting Tools

Sharing Student Progress

1. Learning Goals

Learner goal setting is a shared activity between students, teachers and parents. Goal setting helps students understand where they are in their learning and envision where they'd like to be. From there, they map out strategies to achieve their goal. Studies show that this type of goal-setting boosts both achievement and a student's confidence in their ability.

2. Portfolios

Learner portfolios gather evidence of student learning in one physical and/or online space. This gives students, teachers, and parents numerous examples of the learning that has taken place and help them to determine what next steps are needed to further skill development.

3. Teacher/Parent/Student Conferences

Parent/teacher/student conferences are scheduled periodically through the year. The frequency of scheduled conferences varies depending on grade level. Parents are encouraged to request a meeting with teachers whenever they would like more information, or have questions and concerns.

4. PowerSchool Public Online Portal

The PowerSchool Online Portal is a key online resource for parents that provides ongoing information about student progress.

5. Report Cards

Report cards are best thought of as summaries of the comprehensive evidence of learning contained in the Learning Portfolio. These evidence summaries are shared with parents at regular intervals with frequency and timing dependent on the grade level.

6. Provincial Student Assessments

Grades 6 and 9 students will continue to write Provincial Achievement Tests. Teachers may choose to use Provincial Achievement Test results for up to 10 percent of the report card grade for Grades 6 and up to 25 percent for Grade 9.

7. Diploma Exams

Diploma examinations are one way of ensuring consistent standards of achievement province-wide. Thirty percent of a student's final grade is based on the diploma exam result with the remainder determined by the classroom grade.


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