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Report Card Example — Learner Outcomes 21st C Learner

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The first section of the Rocky View Schools report card tracks student development as a learner, from the novice level, to becoming an accomplished 21st Century Learner, prepared for the challenges of the future.

Report Card—Academic

The academic section shows where students are on the journey from beginner to master for a particular subject area.  On the elementary report card, "demonstrating excellence" means they are almost there, while "limited demonstration" means they are just starting out. On the middle school report card, percentages have been aligned with this reporting key.

Note: If your child has an Individual Program Plan to support particular learning needs or is an English Language Learner, assessment will be customized and reported separately from the standard report card.


Gr. 1 - 12 ELL Proficiency Report Insert

The Final Report Card Page — Celebration and Commitment

Since the ultimate goal of assessment is to promote continued learning, the important final portion of the report card leaves space for students and parents to celebrate what has been achieved and to set goals for the next leg of the learning journey.

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