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The design of all learning in Alberta is built around overall learner outcomes for a basic education developed by Alberta Education. In Alberta, programs of study and learning experiences are designed backward from these outcomes. For example, one outcome is to "understand the scientific method, the nature of science and technology, and their application to daily life." Students in the early years may begin learning by practicing asking questions and proposing possible answers. By middle school, students are designing ways to test their proposed answers. And by high school, students are able to state a hypothesis and test it through scientific methods best suited for the study. At each stage, students would be tasked with transferring what they learn to a problem meaningful in their lives.

From Kindergarten onward, parents play an important role in shaping the way their children view learning. As a parent, you understand more than anyone else how your child learns, what motives or inspires your child, and what engages them in the learning process. To assist parents better understanding of Alberta’s curriculum and how you can help your child, Alberta Education has developed "My Child's Learning", a digital resource tool where you’ll discover what your child is learning, how they’re assessed, and what resources are available to help them be successful from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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