Positive School Climate

A positive school climate is a lot like a good home. Children feel they belong. They feel safe, respected and appreciated. The parents do too. Family rules and boundaries are predictable and fair.

Research shows that a positive school climate can reduce absenteeism, suspensions, substance abuse and bullying , stress and anxiety, while increasing student achievement, engagement, motivation and psychological well being.

The job of building a positive school climate belongs to everyone: trustees, administrators, teachers, students and parents.

At Rocky View Schools, school climate is so important that students, teachers and parents are surveyed annually to assess their engagement and satisfaction. The results drive strategic focus for Rocky View Schools.

At the school level, teachers design learning to build positive social skills as well as academic skills. And instruction on threats to student well being, such as bullying or cyber bullying and substance abuse, is incorporated into the curriculum.

The ongoing communication between parents, teachers and students is another critical component of building a positive school climate as students learn best when home and school work as a team.

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