Fine Motor Activities

Playdough Activities

Some recommended activities using playdough include rolling a snake with one or both hands, pinching and poking the playdough (try to use worker hand first), rolling a ball with one palm face up and one palm face down, rolling a ball using thumb, index, and middle fingers, and finding hidden objects in the playdough (marbles or pennies). 

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Tong Activities

Use your thumb, index and middle fingers, also known as the "skill fingers" to hold the tongs in a "thumbs up" position (end of tong extending through the space between the thumb and index finger). Tuck your 4th and 5th fingers into your palm.

Other activities to do with the tongs include: playing relays by picking up cotton balls, playdough eggs, etc., counting out objects in math centres, or sorting objects according to colours, shapes or uses. There are a number of commercial games which use tongs such as "Giggle Wiggle", "Wok ’n Roll", "Operation", "Feed the Monkey", "Feed the Bunny" and "Feed the Dog".

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Pinching Activities

Some pinching activities include placing balls on the hands of the "Giggle Wiggle" caterpillar, or playing "Connect Four" or "Hi Ho Cherry-O". When doing these activities, use your thumb and index finger to pick up the object. Tuck the 4th and 5th fingers into your palm. This position is helpful in supporting a good pinching grasp of the pencil. It also helps to develop awareness of how the thumb, index and middle fingers work together in a skilled manner. 

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Store Bought Games

Link to list of store bought games.


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