A Curriculum for the Knowledge Economycurriculum redesign

Alberta is among the many jurisdictions worldwide reviewing curriculum to keep it relevant to student needs in a global economy and society where knowledge is our most valuable resource.

Literacy and numeracy, or reading, writing, and arithmetic remain at the core of student learning. But with estimates that knowledge doubles every five years, students also need to know how to unlearn, relearn, and solve problems.

Flowing from its Inspiring Action Agendas, Alberta Education has launched a curriculum redesign initiative to ensure curriculum in Alberta remains relevant for today's learners. The goal of curriculum redesign is to equip our students for 21st Century challenges and to develop them as engaged thinkers and ethical citizens with entrepreneurial spirits. Specifically, the initiative aims to:

  • revise standards and guidelines for future curriculum (programs of study, assessment, and learning and teaching resources); and
  • revise processes for curriculum development.

Ultimately, new curriculum will be built on a foundation of literacy and numeracy and will be supported by the development of learner competencies.

Alberta Education has identified the following shifts as we move towards developing and designing a new curriculum:

curriculum vision

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5-Year ABED Pillar Results 2016-2017
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