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School Calendars Approved

At the Board of Trustees’ Feb. 8, 2018, meeting, school calendars for 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 were approved.

Based on feedback from staff and parents, four calendar drafts for each year were considered, with Trustees selecting calendars that see students start after Labour Day, the break in spring attached to Easter, nine professional learning days, and two vacation days prior to Teachers’ Convention.

The Board wishes to thank the 3,100 respondents who provided feedback and acknowledge the hard work and dedication of RVS staff as they serve students on a daily basis.

The approved 2018-2019 School Calendar and approved 2019-2020 School Calendar can be accessed on the RVS website. Watch for information to be released shortly regarding a professional learning calendar committee to be established concerning the nature of RVS' nine professional calendar days.

School Calendars Approved

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