Empower the Potential - Year 1

Make it Real, Make it Visible, Make it For Everyone

Learners are successful Learners are Engaged Learners are supported

Children have an innate love of learning. From an early age, they are curious and want to know the what, where, how, and why of everything they encounter. At Rocky View Schools, we build upon our students’ inquisitive nature by encouraging them to develop and test their own ideas, seek new perspectives, gather and analyze information, and draw new insights to help them grow to be strong, critical thinkers. We know that when students learn how to learn – that is to acquire, create, connect, and communicate knowledge in a variety of contexts – we are helping them build the confidence and habits of mind to become life-long learners and successful citizens.

Our educators play a key role in this process. Building upon the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy, our educators help students learn how to ask the right questions and how to find, process, and analyze information. Students are taught to develop ideas and construct meaning by clarifying and expanding their thinking. Under this balanced approach, students learn how to set goals, document their learning, and reflect on their growth – three skill sets that prepare them for a successful future.

We invite you to help RVS continue on its journey to “Empower the Potential” by reading through and becoming familiar with our digital 2015 - 2019 Four Year Plan - Year One. An abbreviated, paper version of the plan will be distributed to school councils, staff, and educational and municipal partners in the fall. This print version also will be available through RVS’ Education Centre at 2651 Chinook Winds Drive, SW, Airdrie.

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