2009 - 2010 Accountability Pillars

Since the introduction of the renewed funding framework in the mid 90’s, Alberta Education has required school boards to publish, annually, the results achieved through its Accountability Pillar and in 2010 its FNMI Accountability Pillar. The purpose of these Pillars is to increase emphasis on achieving outcomes, reporting results and using results for informed decision-making for the purpose of improving programs and student results in subsequent years. In early May, an interim report is provided to boards for use in preparing their three-year education plan. A complete report is provided in early October, when the achievement test and diploma exam results are available. The updated report is published in boards’ Annual Education Results Reports.

Recongizing the value of this transparent system, during the 2009/10 school year the jurisdiction developed an RVS Accountability Pillar to ensure the progress and achievements of its “made in Rocky View” Three Year Plan also were reported and used by schools in improving results. Presented below are the latest statistics available for both Rocky View Schools' and Alberta Education's Accountability Pillars.


RVS' Accountability Pillar


Notes to Rocky View Schools' Accountability Pillar

  • RVS' qualitative measures are based on the results of a satisfaction survey administered in June, 2010, with all staff, all grade 4 - 6 students, and all parents. In total, 1,362 surveys were completed by staff, 8,550 by students and 1,907 by parents, for a total of 11,819 surveys completed.
  • Results presented through RVS’ Accountability Pillar were rounded to the closest whole number with = to or > .5 rounded up and <.5 rounded down. For consistency Alberta Education Results also were presented in this fashion throughout the report. Actual results, five year trends and provincial comparisons for all Alberta Education measures can be found in the Appendix.
  • RVS’ Accountability Pillar was established in 2008/09 by the jurisdiction. Three Year averages will be available in 2011/12.

Alberta Education Pillar Summary



First Nation, Metis and Inuit APORI Summary


Notes to Alberta Education's Pillar Summary
Data values have been suppressed where the number of students is less than 6. Suppression is marked with an asterisk (*).
Source: Alberta Education, May, 2011.

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