Budget Overview


Rocky View Schools’ Board of Trustees approved the jurisdiction’s 2010/11 budget on June 2, 2011. For 2011/12 the jurisdiction projects it will receive $160.2 million to serve the educational needs of approximately 17,031 kindergarten to grade 12 students. In allocating available revenues, the Board’s first priority was and will continue to be serving the needs of all students. Of the total budget, 74.1 percent will be allocated to schools and 4.1 percent will be reserved for centralized instructional support. The cost for governance is .4 percent and for administration 3.1 percent. Over 10 percent (10.4%) will be directed towards Plant Operations and Maintenance and 7.5 percent will be spent on Transportation.

Planning Principles

  • Consideration given to learning needs of all students
  • RVS' Three Year Plan drives resource allocation, given resources available
  • School & support service allocations respond to the needs of each school community
  • Flexibility provided for school decisions
  • Required capital equipment replacement
  • Balanced expenditures within available revenues
  • Accountability for resource allocation

Impacting Factors

  • Enrolment projection based on previous trends

Budget           Sept. 30    Percentage Increase
Over Previous Year
2009/10        15,758           15,828              2.4%
2010/11        16,047           16,627              5.0%
2011/12        17,031               ---                2.4%

  • Teacher costs (salary/benefits) increase of 5.1 %
  • Support staff costs (salary/benefits) increase of 4.9 %
  • Redirect approx. $ 5.2 million from basic instruction for students with moderate & severe disabilities
  • Staff attrition, retirements & student population growth will help to maintain current instructional staffing levels

Detailed financial information is available under Publications. For more information contact Secretary-Treasurer Darrell Couture at (403) 945-4008 or by email to dcouture@rockyview.ab.ca.

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