A "Made in RVS" Three Year Plan

Opening the door to our communities


The Education Plan for Rocky View Schools for the three years commencing September 1, 2011, was prepared under the direction of the Board of Trustees in accordance with the responsibilities under the School Act and the Government Accountability Act. This Education Plan was developed in the context of the provincial government’s business and fiscal plans. The Board of Trustees has used its performance results to develop the Plan and is committed to implementing the strategies contained within the Plan to improve student learning and results. The Board approved the Education Plan for 2011-2014 on June 2, 2011.
Dr. Bruce Pettigrew, Board Chair       

Greg Bass, Superintendent of Schools

From February 14 - April 12, 2011, Rocky View Schools launched an extensive, multi-faceted, community engagement process for the purpose of developing its 2011-2014 Three Year Education Plan. Specifically, the Board directed the Superintendent to bring both large and small stakeholder groups together in face-to-face settings to refine RVS' current Three Year Plan and to provide input into strategies related to building a 21st Century learning organization. Additionally, the use of social media was approved to assist the jurisdiction in building awareness of RVS' 21st Century pursuit. Provided below is an overview of the process and the feedback received and used in building RVS' 2011-2014 Three Year Plan.

Goal, Outcome & Performance Measure Review

In November 2010, Rocky View Schools' leadership team, comprised of the Board of Trustees, Senior Executive, Directors, Principals and Assistant Principals, gathered for one day to review RVS' current Three Year Plan with the eye to revise, delete or add to the number of goals and outcomes. The day was transformational! Not only was the framework refined from six goals, 23 outcomes, to four goals, 16 outcomes, participants left the meeting with more conviction that RVS' 21st Century transformation was improving student success. In December, 2010, RVS' Directors rolled up their sleeves to develop performance measures for the new framework, as well as aligning the province's accountability pillar measures to the new goal and outcome structure. Once completed, the goals, outcomes, and performance measures were circulated to system and school administrators for feedback. In its final form, Rocky View School's new Three Year Plan framework can be found under Goals 1 - 4 to the left of this screen.

Social Media –  Through the use of a Twitter account (@rvsed), RVS shared its Three Year Plan journey and encouraged community participation on its Facebook Community Page and RVS Blog Site. By using social media, RVS hoped the community would take the opportunity to become more informed about the jurisdiction's 21st C pursuit, as well as join in the discussion of building a 21st C learning organization. Over the course of six weeks, RVS' Twitter account attracted 237 followers, generated a "klout" of 40, 45 being an indicator of "influential" on the web and tweeted 142 messages relating to RVS' 21st C pursuit. The use of Twitter at the jurisdiction level also led to over 30 staff members signing up to help Tweet about 21st C learning. RVS' blog site, which currently features 46 blogs covering 21st C teaching and learning, was visited over 13,503 times and its facebook page, which proved to have minimal traffic, attracted 117 “friends of/like RVS”, with 232 monthly active users.

Principal/School Administration Website Messages –  All school principals/school administrator teams posted a message on their school website under the “Principal Message/Administration Message”, covering the topic “How the needs of 21st Century learners are being supported in (school name).”  3YP moderators shared the contents of these messages through RVS’ jurisdictional website, Twitter account and Facebook Community.

School Education Plans - To bring all school communities into the fold, RVS' 2011/12 School Education Plan (SEP) Manual was aligned with the jurisdiction's new goal structure and released March 15, 2011. School Education Plans are built and shared with school councils and school communities each year. These plans are publicly available by June 30 and are available on this website under Publications, at the schools or on the schools' websites.


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