FAQs about Premier Literacy

Where can I get help with Premier Literacy? Where can I access the Premier Literacy Suite for at home use?

Frequently Asked Questions about Premier Literacy

Where can I get help with Premier Literacy?

Premier Literacy has developed a series of training videos to show how to use each product. Each video is 5 to 10 minutes in length and can be played from Premier's website or through the HELP menu of each product.

Also on Premier's website is a set of Parent and Teacher resources that can aid in determining which tool is best suited for individuals.

A set of tip Sheets for the Windows version of the Premier Literacy Suite was developed by Pat Hammond of the London District Catholic School Board and is published here with our thanks.  Please click on the title of each product to download the tip sheet.

PremiereText Reader

PDF Equalizer

Premier Predictor Pro

Scan & Read Pro

Talking Word Processor

Ultimate Talking Dictionary

Universal Reader

For support within Rocky View Schools, please contact the Learning Specialist most responsible for assistive technology.

How do I know which tool to use?

Premier Literacy's software suite allows users to choose the most appropriate tools for their personal learning styles and preferences.

Premier Tool
Recommended For...
Universal Reader
  • reading selected text from web pages, email or text documents
  • summarizing & reading long passages
  • translating information found on the internet
EText Reader
  • reading any document that is saved as a .txt, .rtf, or .doc
  • highlighting and taking notes for studying
  • reading multiple choice tests
Talking Word Processor
  • creating documents with the support of word prediction and text-to-speech
  • reading and responding to short answer/essay style tests
PDF Equalizer
  • reading any .pdf including the digital textbooks that are available from Alberta Education


To learn more about which tools work best for which activity, visit Premier Literacy's website.

How can I access the Premier Literacy Suite for my child(ren) to use at home?

Parents who are interested in having this assistive technology available for their child(ren) to use at home can obtain a username and password from their neighborhood school and then go to www.premierathome.com to download and install as many products as needed. The only limitation is that these programs can only be installed on Windows computers owned by the student or parents of the student.

Mac downloads are not available on the AT Home site but as part of Premier Literacy's commitment to universal design for learning, the Literacy Productivity Mac Pack is available to AT Home participants at the greatly reduced price of $49.95 and can be ordered through the website above.

I am a teacher in RVS, where can I access the information families will need to use Premier AT Home?

Please follow this link and log into the members only site to find the information you will need to share this invaluable set of literacy tools with families.

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