Pencil Grips

Descriptions and photos of a variety of pencil grips


Foam Pencil Grips

Foam Grips

The two styles of foam pencil grips pictured here can both be used with any writing instrument to provide more surface area to grip and to provide a soft feel.  Both styles have been seen in local stores such as WalMart, Staples, Office Depot and Zellers.

Triangle Pencil Grip


Triangle Grip

Triangle grips have been a standard for teaching kids the correct way to hold a pencil.

EzGrip Pencil Grips



This ergonomic slip-on grip can be placed on any pencil-like instrument. It is designed to take advantage of the hand's natural ability and the power in every finger tip. The EzGrip makes use of ANY ONE FINGER for downward pressure eliminating the need to squeeze or tight-grip the pencil. More information about this grip can be found on the Dexterity Technologies website.

Stetro Pencil Grip


Triangle Grip

The Stetro Pencil grip keeps fingers and thumb correctly placed and fits all standard pencils and stick pens.  It is suitable for both left- and right-handed individuals.  The inventor has recently introduced a larger, easier to grasp version called the Solo Grip.

The Pencil Grip & The Jumbo Grip

Jumbo Grip

The Pencil Grip (yellow) was designed to work with the body’s natural physiology to gently place fingers in the proper position for gripping. Allowing over a 90% surface contact with its soft comfortable gripping surface, it works for both right- and left-handed users.  The Jumbo Grip (green) uses the same design but is 40% larger providing extended support and comfort.  More information about these grips can be found on The Pencil Grip Inc. website.

The Gripsharp™


The Gripsharp™ is a combination pencil sharpener/pencil grip. Its unique design allows it to conveniently remain on the pencil for the life of the pencil.
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