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The 2010/11 Annual Education Results Report for Rocky View Schools was prepared under the direction of the board in accordance with the responsibilities under the School Act and the Government Accountability Act.

Our Board is committed to using the results in this report, to the best of our abilities, to improve outcomes for students and to  ensure that all students in the  jurisdiction can acquire the  knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to be self-reliant, responsible, caring and contributing members of society.

This AERR for 2010/2011 was approved by the Board on Dec. 1, 2011.


Dr. Bruce Pettigrew, Board Chair       

Greg Bass, Superintendent of Schools

Rocky View Schools' transformation into a 21st Century learning organization has not been easy - not for our staff, not for our parents or community, nor for our Board. As we reflect back on the past three years, we are proud to see how far our jurisdiction has come, but we're also reminded of the roads we've trod, the mountains we've climbed, and the challenges we've overcome.

Our Board believes RVS' success to date boils down to one key ingredient - trust in one another. There are numerous ingredients that must be present for there to be strong and sustained trust in an organization; for example, did we do what we said we were going to do, were we clear and consistent in the direction we established, did we speak the truth?

Our Board continues to work at building a strong level of trust across our jurisdiction and within our communities by staying true to our ultimate goal of advocating and providing for the needs of all students in Rocky View Schools. Whether we are engaged in discussion with our municipal partners, approving a new policy, or participating in a school council meeting, the needs of our students are always our first consideration. While we can point to numerous examples of this authenticity, our Board’s firm decision to preserve school services during last year’s budget cuts best illustrates this commitment.

We, too, know the importance of having our finger on the pulse of our communities. Recognizing that we needed to work in unison with the province to address our space crunch and lack of capital approvals, we further empathized with the concerns of our parents who headed up the Council of School Councils to lobby for new schools in Airdrie and Chestermere. We understood this group’s desire to see their children's learning needs recognized and worked diligently to guide them successfully through the political arena. The end result: a May 24, 2011, joint celebration with the province and the announcement of three new schools.

Of course it’s not enough to be real and have the ability to fully relate to others. Rather, we need to practice active listening to ensure others know they have been heard. We also understand the importance of effective communication and that feedback needs to be shared respectfully to sustain trust between participants. We believe we need to look no further than our 2011-2014 “made in Rocky View Three Year Plan for proof of our success. This collaboratively developed, forward-thinking strategic document is the turnkey of our jurisdiction’s transformation to a 21st C organization.

Lastly, we endeavour to do what’s morally right for our students, particularly when times are tough and our challenges seem insurmountable. Organizational change is uncomfortable, but a necessity if we are to meet the needs of today's 21st C learners. We look forward to continuing our work at transforming Rocky View Schools into a 21st C learning organization. We value your trust in us and look forward to your continued participation.


Our Commitment

Rocky View Schools is committed to providing its communities with access to information regarding its students’ achievements, as well as its operational successes and challenges. Information contained in the 2010/2011 Annual Education Results Report is accessible through:

• Rocky View Schools’ public website at: <>
• Rocky View Schools’ Education Centre at 2651 Chinook Winds Drive, SW,  Airdrie, AB
• Members of the Board of Trustees

School Annual Results Reports are built and shared with school councils and are available at the school, on the school’s website, or on the jurisdiction’s website at <>.

RVS' 2010/11 Class Sizes for the 2010/11 school year also are available on RVS' website at <>.

For more information about Rocky View Schools’ 2010/2011 Annual Education Results Report, contact:

Dr. Bruce Pettigrew, Board Chair    Tel. 403.945.4007    E-mail.
Greg Bass, Superintendent of Schools    Tel. 403.945.4002     E-mail.

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