Instruction challenges and engages the learner.

Outcome 5. 1 Curriculum delivery is student-centred.

  • (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and teachers who agree curriculum and instruction meet the individual learning styles of students.
  • (AE) Percentage of parents, staff and students who are satisfied with the accessibility, effectiveness, and efficiency of programs and services to students in their community.


Outcome 5.2 Instructional practices meet the needs of the 21st Century learner.

  • (RVS) Percentage of schools that use 21st Century instructional practices as measured through their School Education Plans.
  • (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and staff satisfied with their ability to access, understand and use assessment information to improve learning.
  • (RVS) Percentage of staff that use contemporary technology as an instructional tool.


Outcome 5.3 RVS operates as a community of learners.

  • (RVS) Percentage of staff that agrees their school/site/the jurisdiction promotes and operates as a community of learners.
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