Learning opportunties are distinct, continuous and systematic.

Outcome 4.1 Distinct programs ensure students succeed.

  • (AE) Satisfaction with the opportunity for students to receive a broad program of studies, including fine arts, career, technology, health, and physical education.


Outcome 4.2 Learning transitions are seamless.Learning Transitions

  • (RVS) Agreement that there was a smooth transition from: early intervention/Kindergarten to Grade 1; elementary to middle; and, middle to high school.
  • (RVS) Satisfaction with schools' career exploration and preparation.


Outcome 4.3 Professional learning is multi-faceted, ongoing, and systematic.

  • (RVS) Staff that have aligned their individual growth plans to their Community of Practice's goals and objectives.
  • (AE) Teachers reporting that in the past three to five years, the professional learning from the school authority has been focused, systematic, and contributed significantly to their ongoing professional growth.


Outcome 4.4 Leadership capacity is built across the jurisdiction.

  • (RVS) Agreement that professional development has positively impacted their instructional and/or organizational effectiveness.
  • (RVS) Agreement of staff that they have been provided the opportunity to led.
  • (RVS) Schools offering leadership programs.
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