Learning environments enable the aquisition of 21st C skills.

Outcome 6.1 Contemporary technology is accessible to all learners.

  • (RVS) Percentage of schools that meet RVS' contemporary technology standards.
  • (RVS) Percentage of students and staff who agree they have access to contemporary technological tools.
  • (RVS) Percentage of staff who agree they have adequate technological support in their schools.


Outcome 6.2 Budgets are driven by Three Year Plan outcomes.

  • (RVS) Percentage of staff who agree available resources are used equitably, effectively, and efficiently.


Outcome 6.3 Education Centre Departments enable 21st Century learning environments.

  • (RVS) Percentage of departments that support 21st Century learning environments as measured through their department's Three Year Plan.
  • (RVS) Percentage of staff who agree Education Centre departments effectively support schools in building 21st Century learning environments.


Outcome 6.4 Community partners provide expertise and support.

  • (RVS) Percentage of parents satisfied with their involvement in school/system decision-making processes.
  • (AE) Overall teacher and parent satisfaction with parental involvement in decisions about their child's education.
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