Learners are civic, social and environmental stewards.

Outcome 3.1 Students and staff understand and participate in social and economic responsibility.

  • (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and staff who agree students understand, adapt to and participate in our local and global society.
  • (AE) Overall teacher and parent agreement that students are taught attitudes and behaviours that will make them successful at work when they finish school.


Outcome 3.2 Students, staff and trustees work independently and collaboratively to build a vibrant community in a global society.

  • (RVS) Percentage of staff, parents, and students who agree that social and jurisdictional practices facilitate active citizenship.
  • (AE) Overall teacher, parent and student agreement that students model the characteristic of active citizenship.



Outcome. 3.3 Students, staff, and trustees understand, practice, and promote the conservation of resources.

  • (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and staff who agree students, the school, and the jurisdiction model practices that contribute to environmental sustainability.
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