Help Define Student Accommodations for 2017

Due to a rapidly expanding student population, in September 2017 Rocky View Schools is set to open a new K-8 school in the Airdrie community of Windsong and an addition to Airdrie's Herons Crossing School, allowing the school to move from a K-4 to a K-8 school. In preparation for introducing these new facilities, RVS is launching a community consultation process for residents on the west side of Airdrie.

Attention Airdrie Parents

From past experience, RVS understands the impact that new schools and new student spaces can have on existing school communities and the challenges that can arise when defining new student accommodations. In February and March 2016 RVS will host two public forums aimed at seeking feedback from Airdrie residents on the proposed accommodation changes.

New student spaces to open in September 2017:

  • K-8 School in Windsong
  • 5-8 Addition to Herons Crossing School

Families impacted by these openings:

  • Windsong - Families whose current designated school is A.E. Bowers, Muriel Clayton, or Cooper's Crossing; particularly families who reside in the communities of Cooper's Crossing, Morningside, or Hillcrest.
  • Herons Crossing - Families whose current designated schools is Herons Crossing or C.W. Perry

Through the public forums students and parents who will be affected by changes to these school communities will have an opportunity to learn more about these facilities, ask questions, and provide feedback. Residents are encouraged to keep abreast of the consultation via RVS' Student Accommodation Consultation folder, as relevant information, including meeting dates and locations, will be posted as it becomes available.

Residents with questions regarding RVS' Student Accommodation Consultation can contact Director of Facilities Planning, Colette Winter at

Help Define Student Accommodations for 2017

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