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All Administrative Procedures

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AP410 - Employee Progressive Discipline File
AP412 - Harassment Reporting and Investigation File
AP415 - Recognition of Service and Employment File
AP419 - Employee Resignations File
AP420 - Role of the Teacher File
AP421 - Certificated Staffing Guidelines File
AP422 - Teacher Growth, Supervision and Evaluation File
AP423 - Evaluation Guidelines - Teachers File
AP424 - Professional Learning File
AP426 - Teacher Reduction File
AP427 - Transfer of Certificated Staff File
AP428 - Teaching Assignment Appeal File
AP430 - Role of the Principal File
AP431 - Assistant Principal Hiring and Transfer Process File
AP432 - School Based Administrator Evaluation File
AP433 - School Based Administrator Growth File
AP434 - Transition Plans for Administrators File
AP435 - Principal Appointment - New School File
AP440 - Support Staff Selection and Placement File
AP441 - New Support Staff Positions File
AP442 - Performance Appraisal of Support Staff File
AP450 - Organizational Structure File
AP460 - Substitute Teachers File
AP470 - Job Descriptions File
AP480 - Worker Contract Status Determination File
AP481 - Supplementary Executive Retirement Program File
AP490 - Volunteers, Visitors and Presenters Mandatory Record Checks File
AP491 - Volunteer Coaches and Supervisors File
AP5001 - Annual Division Budget File
AP5002 - Finance Support File
AP5003 - Special Benefits Request File
AP5007 - Protection of Valuables in Schools File
AP5008 - Authorized Signatures File
AP5010 - Surplus Land and Buildings File
AP5011 - Resource Development File
AP5013 - Partnerships File
AP5014 - Community Use of Outdoor Spaces File
AP5015 - Insurance Management File
AP5016 - Student Accident Insurance/Blanket School Coverage File
AP5020 - Insured Vehicles File
AP5101 - Annual School Budgets File
AP5104 - Contributions to Individuals, Groups, or Organizations File
AP5105 - Instructional Resource Fees for Optional Courses, Programs, Activities or Goods File
AP5106 - Financial Accountability and Audits File
AP5107 - Student Transportation Fees File
AP5108 - Investment of Cash Resources File
AP5109 - Petty Cash File
AP5110 - Claims For Payment of Travel and Out of Pocket Expenses File
AP5112 - Grant Writing File
AP5114 - Donations File
AP5116 - Donations Fundraising for Facilities File
AP5118 - School Carryover and Reserves File
AP5119 - School Generated Funds File
AP5120 - Advertising in Local Newspapers File
AP5201 - Purchasing Limits of Authority and Payment Methods File
AP5203 - Cell Phones, Smart Phones and Other Wireless Internet Connection Devices File
AP5214 - Non-Monetary Donations of Fixed Assets File
AP5216 - Disposal of Surplus Furniture and Equipment File
AP5218 - WCB for Contractors and Volunteers File
AP5220 - Online Order System Contracts File
AP5222 - Public Sector Purchasing Code of Ethics File
AP5223 - School Budget Responsibilities File
AP5224 - Purchases: Small Purchases and Pcards File
AP5225 - Purchases Exceeding $5000 File
AP5305 - Non-Standard Items in RVS Facilities File
AP5306 - Urgent Facility Concerns File
AP5308 - Waste Management & Recycling File
AP5313 - Construction of Playgrounds File
AP5316 - Facility Keys and Security File
AP5317 - Theft or Damage in Schools File
AP5319 - Education Centre After Hours Use File
AP5321 - Dual Reporting of Head Building Operators File
AP5323 - School Sponsored Extracurricular Personal Use of Facilities File
AP5401 - Facilities Planning File
AP5402 - Naming of Facilities File
AP5403 - Sustainable Building File
AP5405 - Alterations to School Buildings, School Grounds or Other Division Facilities File
AP5407 - Private Public, Partnership (P3) School Requirements File
AP5408 - Facility Signage and Messaging Systems File
AP5500 - Student Transportation Services File
AP5501 - Transportation of Students During Inclement Weather File
AP5503 - Shuttle Bus Service File
AP5505 - School Organized Student Transportation in Private Vehicles File
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