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Transportation Cost Savings

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Student Transportation Consultation

Rocky View Schools’ (RVS) Board of Trustees will reach out to its communities from January 25 to April 12 to provide feedback on cost saving measures to address a $1million budget shortfall in the jurisdiction’s transportation portfolio.

Since 2008 transportation costs have risen by 17.83 percent, while grant revenues rose by only 1.27 percent over the same time period. This shortfall in funding is further compounded by a $360,000 levy for carbon, which the jurisdiction must assume, as well a new Transportation Fee Replacement Grant based on 2015/16 fees and student counts – penalizing boards like RVS that grow by almost five percent every year.

The Board is seeking parents’ assistance by asking them to provide feedback on several cost-saving measures and/or proposals to transfer monies from instruction (classroom funding) to transportation.

Planning Principles

To guide its decision-making, the Board of Trustees has established three planning principles:

  • Transportation services will continue to be safe for students.
  • Communities will share the responsibility for balancing the transportation deficit.
  • Educational program offerings will be maintained.

Consultation Process – Key Dates and Activities

January 25 to February 16 - All RVS parents receive a letter electronically, regarding RVS’ transportation deficit and asking them complete an online survey to provide feedback on cost saving measures and/or transfer of monies from instruction.

February 12, 13, 15 - Public meetings held to review RVS’ fiscal position in transportation, cost saving measures, and respond to questions from the floor. Public Meeting PowerPoint

  • February 12 - City of Airdrie - RVS Education Centre - 7 pm
  • February 13 - Town of Cochrane - Cochrane High - 7 pm
  • February 15 - City of Chestermere - Chestermere High - 7 pm

March 1 - Board of Trustees opens board meeting for public delegations. (Please refer to Board Policy 7 Board Operations, section 9, if you wish to make a presentation to the Board).

March 12 - March 30 - All parents receive a letter electronically, asking them to select their desired “Transportation Efficiency Bundle”.

April 5 - Consolidated results and administration’s recommendations tabled with Board in planning meeting.

April 12 - Board deliberates on direction.


April 12 Decision

Media Release & Backgrounder

Parent Letter

Staff Memorandum

Phase II

Parent Letter - March 12

Transportation Consultation Communique

Parent Survey - Closed March 30

Staff Survey - Closed March 30

Phase I

Parent Letter – January 25

Transportation Consultation Communique

Parent Online Survey - Closed February 16

Staff Online Survey - Closed February 16

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