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Become a School Trustee!
This year, Alberta municipal and school board trustee elections will be held on Monday, October 16, 2017.
Policy 26 Approved
In response to Bill 1, RVS' Policy 26 Instructional Resource Fees for Optional Courses, Programs, Activities or Goods was presented to the Board for approval on June 15, 2017.
Canada's National Aboriginal Day
Canada's National Aboriginal Day is held annually on June 21 to celebrate the unique heritage, diverse cultures, and outstanding achievements of the nation's three Aboriginal groups – the First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.
Microsoft Summer School Program
Microsoft Summer School is a 5-week online professional development program, designed to help you learn more about using free Microsoft tools in your classroom.
Cannabis Engagement Survey
On June 2, 2017, the Honourable Kathleen Ganley, Minister of Justice and Solicitor General, launched the Alberta government’s formal public engagement on the legalization of cannabis in Alberta.
Kindergarten Fees Refunded
Under Bill 1, all school boards in the province are no longer permitted to charge instructional resource fees.
Soundbites - June 2017
The 2016-2017 school year is drawing to a close, and with it comes a reason to celebrate the achievements of all RVS students over the past ten months and a time to say good-bye to those moving on.
Summer Reading Suggestions
Everyone looks forward to summer – a time to enjoy the great outdoors (hopefully) and a take a break from the hectic schedules of school, work, and sports.
Transportation Families to Re-register Electronically
The Student Transportation Branch will be rolling out Phase 1 of RVS’ new eRegistration system, School Engage, by asking current transportation families to verify electronically their transportation needs for 2017/18.
Digital Citizenship Guide for Parents
Being a parent has never been easy, but it can be very challenging when your kids start using the Internet.
Bill 1 - An Act to Reduce School Fees
On March 2 the provincial government introduced Bill 1 – An Act to Reduce School Fees. If passed, Bill 1 will reduce fees previously charged by public school authorities for instructional resources, and transportation fees for students residing over 2.4km from their designated school.The intent of this bill is to take effect, September 2017.
Top 10 Reasons to Register in RVS!
Time to get Ontrack!
Seeking Blog Writers
To blog or not to blog? We know you enjoy reading them, so why not take a stab at writing one yourself?
School Absences – How many are too many?
RVS Guest Blog - Mitchell Colp, Project Lead, Attendance Innovation Campaign – Attending school on a regular basis is important for the positive development of academic, language, social, and work-related skills in children.
Communication with Parents
To enhance consistency in the way Rocky View Schools communicates with parents about their child’s educational journey, teachers across Rocky View Schools are working to standardize their communication practices.
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