Mahara at Work In Rocky View Schools

Digital documentation is a key component of Rocky View Schools’ learning and working environment not only for students and teachers, but also for its staff. When it comes to capturing those experiences for reflection and growth, the digital environment helps make it more visible.

When staff document their work digitally, they get to review what they’ve accomplished and assess what worked and what they'd do differently next time. This thoughtful review reinforces the ability to learn about oneself as a learner, worker and colleague.

While digital documentation is an active learning tool, it is also a wonderful documentary record of skill evidence that can be shared with not only management, but used as a showcase of growth, current abilities and to evaluate cumulative achievement.

Why use a portfolio for an evaluation or performance review?

·      to show growth or change over time

·      to help develop skills such as self-evaluation and goal-setting

·      to identify strengths and weaknesses

·      to track the development of one or more goals/accomplishments

Over the past three years, senior administrators at Rocky View Schools have used Mahara as a performance/evaluation tool. Starting from a collection of 8-12 pages based on common areas of reporting (such as Student Welfare, Fiscal Responsibility, Educational Leadership etc.), each page has a set of Role Expectations and Quality Indicators for each of these areas. Staff collect, align and aggregate evidence using samples of their work collected over the past year. Reflections are also an integrated part of these reviews. Typically, these collections are shared between a supervisor and the staff member and become part of the overall conversation. When necessary, external reviewers receive timed access secret URL’s.

Our organization uses distinct collections based on provincial and/or international standards for the following roles: Superintendent, Associate Superintendents, Directors, Learning Specialists, and Principals. Professional Practice Evaluation collections are in the works for both Interim and Permanent teachers as well as Competency Reviews for Support Staff.

Why Mahara?

By using a portfolio approach, the review is more of a showcase of the year’s work that stimulates discussion between the supervisor and employee on their goals and accomplishments. It allows users to easily upload digital evidence including documents, links, videos, pictures, files, music etc. Work can be private, shared internally or externally and allows for timed access, especially during reviews. Collections can be exported digitally in standalone HTML format or LEAP2A portfolio format that can also stay with the creator. Each collection can be built upon and show a person’s growth year after year.

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