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Benefits for Trustees

Rocky View Schools' benefit package for Trustees is administered through a number of vendors. Please see below for details on each vendor, the benefit provided, contract/plan numbers and contact information.


Contract / Plan Number


Manulife -  Website Login / 1.800.268.6195
Supplementary Health Care 5489
  • Access Benefit Booklet
  • Learn of Benefit Detail
  • Submit Claims
  • Review Claim History
  • Drug Plan Coverage
  • Personalize Claim Form/Cards
  • Extensive Health/Wellness Content
Dental Care 5489
National Health Care - Website /  1.866.342.5908
Health Care Spending Account
  • Submit Claims Online or Paper
Morneau Shepell - Website / 1.800. 387.4765
Employee & Family Assistance Program -
  • Professional Confidential Assistance
  • Personal Difficulties/Family Issues
  • Counselling Services 24/7
  • Improve Well-Being
SSQ Financial - Email (RVS) / 403.945.4048
Accidental Death & Dismemberment
  • Basic Coverage for accidental loss of life or injury
Manulife -Email (RVS) / 403.945.4048
Life Insurance 33929
  • Basic Coverage for Life Insurance up to age 65


Optional Coverage

Rocky View Schools also offers a variety of optional coverage programs for trustees.

More Information

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