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2010-11 Meadowbrook - Learning Commons


Stage 1 – Desired Results

Goal(s): to transform our traditional library into a dynamic and interactive learning Learning Commons for all learners (students, staff, and parents) which would promote, support and facilitate critical thinking, inquiry, action research, knowledge building and authentic learning using active learning, learning real time and on-line with physical virtual space and collections.




Mind sets, attitudes and perceptions are key to creating and utilizing effective learning environments ie. learning commons.


Learning is dynamic and interactive.


There is a need to create 21C dynamic learning spaces in schools.


Traditional library spaces are static and limited.


Learners need access to information, resources and support.


Learners need working spaces that support inquiry based learning and real time learning (ubiquitous). 


The physical space must support the philosophy of a learning commons.


The learning commons space will be accessible for students, staff, parents and community.


Knowledge should be constructed by the learner.


Literacy is no longer simply reading and writing.

Essential Question(s):


What is a learning commons?


What are the most effective tools to facilitate 21C teaching and learning?


How can we achieve creation of such a space in Meadowbrook Middle School.


What does it mean to be literate in the 21st century.













Stage 2 - Assessment

Direct Evidence/indicators:


·        Complete action plan

·        Complete phase 1 of transformation

·        Complete phase 2 of transformation

·        Continue ever greening and revising

·        Input/ Feedback from stakeholders

·        Use of space

·        Diverse representation, expression and engagement of learning

Indirect evidence


·        Changing attitudes towards learning

·        Impact on pedagogy

·        Student engagement

·        Self-directed learning

·        Responsible behaviour

·        School pride

·        Community attitudes toward the school

Stage 3 – Action Plan

Key Actions:






Areas of Growth:






Introduce to School Council and put information in the newsletter

October 13

*gave total as 40,200.00 as confirmation email stated- will have to correct



Complete plan by collaborative planning design with EC staff and library tech

October 18, 2010

* told grant is only for equipment so will have to seek funding for furniture from RVS and local business donations


Complete an equipment budget

October 19, 2010

* grant reduced to 25,200 for equipment only- priorize


Complete a furniture and infrastructure budget and submit to Murray

October 19, 2010




Get staff input

October 25, 2010

October 29, 2010 (DL)

Asked for staff members on team

DL leadership team give input into equipment priorities


Create a planning committee with teachers (2), admin (1), library tech (1), EC staff (1) and parents (2).

October 25, 2010

October 29,2010 (DL)

Need to get more staff representation


LC Committee meeting

November 10, 2010

Share with PC


Equipment Purchased

End of November

VC - December

VC will be cheaper in December so we will wait to purchase then




Document Actions