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2010-11 Cochrane High - Anytime, Any Place Learning

Proposal Summary

This proposal will outline an innovative strategy with the potential to improve learning for all students.   We intend to use a podcaster and dedicated server to capture teacher lessons in audio and/or video format, archive them along with supporting documents and make them available to students, teachers, parents and others. These podcasts will be password protected, and accessible from computers, IPods and MP3 players as required by the user, extending our school walls and placing more control in the students’ hands to manage their learning.

The strategy is in alignment with the RVS three-year plan and Cochrane High’s School Education Plan by addressing goals 1, 2,4, 5 and 6. Further, it provides opportunities to apply the “outer rings” of the current RVS Learning Model and develop a 21st century learning culture.  By using the creative design process of prototyping we will explore alternative methods of delivery to determine their efficacy.

Potential for Improved Learning

Opportunities to

  • create and share resource materials (archived video-conferences)
  • collaborate with other students and teachers in a dynamic environment
  • view exemplars of varying proficiency levels
  • develop  a library of best practices from which students can truly pick the teacher from whom they learn the best (the same concept “taught” by different “teachers”)
  • review missed lessons due to absence or in order to manage diverse learning needs
  • provide additional instruction and practice beyond the restrictions of the school day to successfully complete programs according to individual needs

Communications Plan

The Administration Team will oversee communication and implementation of this project.

Teachers will gain awareness through:

  • demonstration of a prototype from another school
  • demonstration of ease of use
  • demonstration of relevance in helping teachers to achieve curricular outcomes
  • development of capacity and collaboration within departments through pilot projects
  • access to continuous support
  • professional learning through collaboration within a community of practice

Students will gain awareness through:

  • pilot projects in at least one subject area
  • demonstration of relevance to learning, review and study
  • demonstration of ease of use and accessibility
  • opportunity for practice with feedback
  • promotion at grade 9 orientation visits to feeder schools during spring transition meetings

Parents will gain awareness through:

  • their children
  • course outlines
  • student/parent/teacher interviews
  • links on plone site
  • links on home logic
  • school newsletter
  • school newspaper
  • promotion at grade 9 parent orientation night during spring transition meetings
  • school council
  • open houses
  • local newspapergrade 9 students in other grades entering the school in the autumn

Education Centre will gain awareness through:

  • development of a community of practice
  • observation during in-class visits and demonstrations
  • collaboration with other schools
  • sharing and implementation at other sites


Next Steps

1.       Order equipment (contact Barry)

2.       Direction of use for the equipment

a.       Core departments (Science and/or Math)

b.      Install equipment

c.       Inservicing of pod castor (Scott Mahon)

d.      Bring Michelle Mista from Apple

e.      Real time support when working with equipment

       i.      We do it, we do it, we do it – you do it

f.     Working with BVHS teachers on developing pod casts



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