2012-2013 Carol Smith: Feedback in Physical Education via Polar HRM

The Physical Education Department at Bert Church High School will re‐examine and redevelop the department’s approach to student assessment, motivation, and create individual and purposeful means of providing feedback to students regarding their level of their physical activity during class activities. To achieve this goal, the Physical Education Department will implement a technology‐based intervention as a means to motivate an increasing tech‐savvy but sedentary student population. This proposal will require the purchase of the Polar CMS 600 Technology Package that includes a class set (30) of E600 Heart Rate Monitors, Polar PE Manager Software, instructional banners, teacher lesson plans, carrying cases and a one day training session with a Polar Specialist.

Why is this technology important to our students?

  •  The new Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for youth specifically recommend 60 minutes of moderate to physical activity daily.

  •  The CMS 600 was developed specifically to enable teachers to objectively assess student and class performance while safely motivating them with instant feedback.

  •  Heart rate monitors help students to understand how different levels of physical activity will impact their target heart rate zone

  •  Shifting the focus from traditional competition based activities towards an increased awareness of personal health benefits will allow students to be individuals rather than competitors

  •  Increasing student understanding will increase students’ intrinsic motivation towards physical activity which will increase the likelihood that students will continue to be physically active in the future.

    How I envision my students using this technology.

    •  The students will use the HRM’s to evaluate and track their personal levels of fitness to understand how all level of physical activity has a positive impact.

    •  In conjunction with a Moodle shell, the included software will provide instant feedback, which students will use to create personal fitness programs and weekly reflections, and set realistic and achievable goals.

    •  The data provided will allow teachers to create personal and objective assessment measures.

      Connection to 21st Century Learning, Three Year Education Plan and School Education Plan

      Individual Needs Are Met

       All HRM’s are individually programmed allowing for personalized and inclusive programming.

  •  PE Manager Software reports can be created and emailed home to parents to keep them

    informed of their child’s progress.

  •  The Moodle shell that will be created will track progress as well as reflect on the new


    Learners are self‐directed

     The students will take personal ownership of their activity output understand that they are person responsible for the results on the HRM.

     Included software will create fitness portfolios, which will transfer from grade to grade. Instructional Design Challenges and Engages the Learner

  •  The HRM can be used at any time, in any place

  •  Differentiation will occur in the classroom as every child is working individually to do the best

    they can, not what the group can.

Acquisition of 21st Century Competencies

 Students will acquire strategies for personal learning devices
 Possibility of leading future COP’s regarding this technology in the class

School Education Plan

In the Mission and Vision of Bert Church’s SEP the focus is on lifelong learning, self directed learners and authentic learning experiences. Using the E600 encompasses all of these ideas while bringing new life to the curriculum.
Our school defines success for our students as setting goals and achieving them. It also defines success when students gain confidence in their own abilities and they are willing to challenge themselves to engage in new learning. The HRM accomplishes all of this as the student’s track, interpret and evaluate their personal physical activity.

RVS Learning Model

 E600 HRM is innovative and personal
 The students will set goals and performance can be easily assessed
 Bert Church will be creating life long learners and healthy individuals

How This Technology Relates to Our Curriculum

 Alberta Education’s Physical Education Program of Study focuses on children achieving their individual potential and creating a positive future for them, as well as enhancing their quality of life.

 The new K ‐12 Wellness Education that is to be implemented in 2014‐2015 encourages teaches to think of the whole child and allow them to reach their full potential as 21st Century learners.






CMS 6oo Package

Incl. 12 HRM, Software CD, Interface USB, Elastic Straps, Posters, Lesson Plan Book, Carry Case



Additional Elastic Straps, Carry Case, E600 HRM



18 Additional HRM’s ($269.00)



1 day with Polar Specialist


Additional Costs

Shipping GST

$20.00 $471.34



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