2012-2013 Chelsey Schubert: Trading in a Tractor for an iPad

Research Question: How can we develop a community of learners where students learn from each other? Specifically, utilizing iPads as a tool to for inquiring, and giving students an opportunity to share our knowledge with our school community?



Cultivating a Community of Learners: Trading in a Tractor for an iPad

Essential Research Question: How can we develop a community of learners where students learn from each other? Specifically, utilizing iPads as a tool to for inquiring, and giving students an opportunity to share our knowledge with our school community.

What if students had a chance to share their knowledge with a learning community? What if feedback came in real time, from students who were critically thinking about information that is posted online? What if students had the skill set and knowledge base to critically evaluate online materials, respond appropriately, and demonstrate an understanding of their online footprint? What if all of this was happening in elementary school?

Within our “iPad Project” we are looking to:

  • Enhance students ability to critically evaluate what they read online

  • Challenge students to be innovators through the creation of new multimedia content

  • Provide the supports necessary for all students to learn in any place and at any pace

    At Sarah Thompson we believe that students of all ages can learn to critically evaluate, use, and demonstrate 21st century competencies. We plan to use 1 iPad cart (of 20 iPads, as well as a syncing cart) for the following purposes:

1) For students in classrooms to set up blogging accounts, where they can share information about their learning with their peers, as well as the school community.

o Withinthisonlinecommunitystudentswillhaveachancetoblogaboutnewideas, reflect on their learning, and respond to other students posts.

o TheprimarytoolwewouldliketouseisWordpressorBloggeroranotherfree blogging application for the iPads

o Example:Studentsmayhaveapersonalblogrunningthroughoutamonthona specific unit in Social Studies about organizations around the world. Some assignments may include them exploring a website, and then creating a video to post on their blog about what they think about a specific organization and how they are affecting change around the world. They could then take time to go and comment on other students’ ideas or videos and stimulate online conversation.

§ Alignment with Rockyview Schools Goals:
2.1 Learners direct and feel ownership for their learning

§ Alignment with Sarah Thompson School Goals:
Develop habits of the mind: considering alternate viewpoints and

experiences through a variety of texts or others’ experiences of a

2) Creating videos, keynote presentations, voice threads, augmented realities, or images that

display or describe student knowledge.
o StudentswilluseapplicationslikeiMovie,BookCreator,Keynote,AurasmaLite,

and Voicethread as a tool to express their knowledge. We want to use these

applications to engage and develop 21st century competencies.
o Thesemodesofrepresentationallowforstudentstoexpressthemselvesin

different and creative means, supporting our school goal of a Universal Learning Environment.

§ Alignment with Rockyview Schools Goals:

4.1 Learners use digital technologies to enhance learning. § Alignment with Sarah Thompson School Goals:

  • Increasing student engagement

  • To support students as they engage in inquiry projects
    o Example:studentscouldcreateiMovietrailersbasedonawaytosortrocksand

    minerals. They could include words to describe the lustre of rocks, and film examples of those rocks. Students who struggle with printing or writing words would find this activity more accessible.

3) Developing literacy based activities and view books in different ways through the use of iBooks as an e-reader.

o StudentswilluseiBooks,andfeatureslikeinteractivee-bookstofollowalongwith stories that are read to them. It allows students from various reading levels to access similar material within iBooks, but have it presented in different ways. It follows the idea that the student is not disabled if they can’t read a page, rather that the print is disabled because it cannot be read or interpreted by the student.

o Example:DuringDaily5insteadofhavingkids,‘listeningtoreading’atareading station, they can explore various eBooks that include interactive features. With this in mind they are being exposed to what reading fluency sound like, word identification skills (the words highlight in red), and can access text that they may not have been able to. This will enable a universal learning environment.

§ Alignment with Rockyview Schools Goals
4.1 Learners use digital technologies to enhance learning.

§ Alignment with Sarah Thompson School Goals:

Professional Learning

Developing Universal Learning environments

In order for us to accomplish these goals, staff will need to be given an opportunity to explore the various applications and plan projects based around iPads. Professional Learning will be offered by various staff members through optional, after school sessions once per week regarding iPads and other technologies in the classroom.


Part way through our project (February), and then to complete our project (May/June) we will create two short films based on our research findings that include student exemplars of completed material, and teacher interviews on how iPads were seen and used in the classroom. Teachers will focus on answering these two questions:

  • What did students accomplish using the devices?

  • How did the iPads change your teaching practice?

    Thank-you very much for your support in making this a reality for the students of Sarah Thompson. If you have any questions regarding our proposal please contact:

  • Michelle Doz, Principal (mdoz@rockyview.ab.ca)

  • Chelsey Schubert, Teacher (cschubert@rockyview.ab.ca)

    Michelle Doz Chelsey Schubert

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