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2012-2013 Sarah Lewis & Jillian Masson: ULE for Grade 4 FI using iPads

Research Question: How can the idea of a "flipped classroom" at the elementary level contribute to a culture where students are more self-directed and learning is universally accessible?



To extend our understanding of Universal Learning Environments by providing collaborative, diverse, and accessible shared learning experiences amongst the Grade 4 French Immersion learning community in Rocky View Schools, with opportunities to collaborate beyond our school division. Through the use of RVS Apple Wiki, Creative Blogs, and by defining what a flipped classroom could look like in an elementary setting, students will feel empowered as part of a blended learning community, increasing student engagement, celebrating diversity, co-constructing knowledge and facilitating authentic learning in a second language.

Description of the technology, the innovative strategy being implemented and improved learning possibilities

  •  21st century competencies are acquired through collaboration on RVS Apple Wiki, Creative Blogs and by defining and implementing elementary flipped classrooms.

  •  Students will develop their own videos based on current areas of inquiry (elementary flipped classrooms), collaborate in their learning experiences, and have meaningful discussions to make their learning authentic for a 21st century second language learner.

  •  These ULEs create a strong sense of community among learners across the school division. By offering students theleadership of creating and collaborating, they demonstrate authentic self-direction, innovation, entrepreneurship.

  •  Students will co-construct the design and direction of the curricular outcomes, which will challenge and engageall participants.

  •  UdL collaborative learning environments (ULE) will ensure that all learners have their individual needs met in a second language.

    Connection to 21st Century Learning, 3 Year Education Plan and the School Education Plan

    Key 21st century learning attributes: Innovator, Communicator, Critical Thinker, Problem Solver, Collaborator, Self-directed, Globally Aware (building a sense of community among Grade 4 peers across the school division).

    RVS 3YP Outcomes

    1.2: Learning is Universally Accessible
    1.3 Resources and programs ensure all learners succeed
    2.2 Learners demonstrate 21st century competencies
    2.3 Learners demonstrate global stewardship
    3.1 Learning occurs any time, any place, and path, any place 3.3 Instructional design enriches the learning experience
    3.4 Instructional practices empower learners
    4.1 Learners use digital technologies to enhance learning
    4.3. Learning is generative, responsive and multi-dimensional.

École Edwards SEP Outcomes and Strategies

Goal 1

  •  Develop authentic leadership roles for all learners

  •  Presentations about 21st century teaching/learning at school council meetings

  •  Develop a digital repository for French Immersion (FI) resources for parent/guardian

    accessibility Goal 2

  •  Enable use of student on-line portfolios

  •  Communicate and celebrate achievements through newsletters, website and

    leadership celebrations Goal 3

  •  Utilization of examples and current research on exemplary 21st century practice

  •  Create a dynamic, easy to navigate and purposeful website

  •  Educate parents/guardians on 21st century teaching and learning, including use

    of web 2.0 tools

  •  Cross-curricular lessons developed using UbD & incorporating UDL

    Goal 4

  •  Provide regular PL (Professional Learning) for technology integration (including

    web 2.0 tools and use of the actual tools)

    Professional Learning

    All teachers have created and are conducting a relevant action research question. This enables us to question an area of interest, create an action plan based on current research, implement strategies, and collect and interpret data. We hope to use the data in order to positively impact student engagement, achievement and influence teacher practice. Our question: How can we foster a culture of self directed learners in a collaborative learning community? is further supported by our Community of Practice: Self Directed Learners. This work supports RVS PL model by being innovative, collaborative, research and data-informed, transformational, and inquiry-based.

    Detailed Budget for the technologies

    1 Macbook Pro computer for video editing capabilities $1,230.00
    1 Mini displayport to VGA adapter (Macbook) $34.00
    13 iPads for students to facilitate the collaboration and co-construction of knowledge through oral language and video apps (13 x $519.00) $6,747.00
    13 iPad covers (13 x $45) $585
    2 Wireless keyboards for iPads (2 x $69.00) $138.00
    2 Apple TV (2 x $110) $220.00
    2 Apple TV adapters Kanex (2 x $59.95 ) $119.90
    iTunes gift cards (4 classes x $100) $400.00

    Total: $9,473.90 +GST - $473.70

    Total including tax: $9,947.60

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