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2012-2013 Sara Drenan: Modelling technology use with an iPad and Apple TV

Research Question: How can the use of an iPad increase student engagement and student success on course learning objectives?

“Technology will enter the conversation [of teaching] not as a way to jazz things up but as a way to deepen the relevance, application and communication of the stuff of learning.”

Brooke Moore
Educational Blogger, Teacher School District 45 (B.C.),


The objective of this proposal is to exercise 21st century learning and enhance current practices in my classroom through the use of an iPad, a new projector and an Apple TV. This will directly meet the Rocky View School District’s outcomes under Goal 2: “Learners are competent, qualified and dedicated”, as well as Goal 6: “Learning environments enable the acquisition of 21st Century skills.”

I believe the use of an iPad in my classroom would engage learners by creating an interactive learning environment. Currently I am teaching grade 9 and 2 English courses. The majority of the students in my 2 classes are boys. I believe that iPads will increase student engagement, specifically boys, because evidence shows that boys tend to be more visual, kinaesthetic learners. Learning in the classroom through the use of an iPad will meet this learning style.

I am enrolled in a Community of Practice titled “Digital Literacy in the ELA Classroom” and I hope to contribute to this by discussing my experience using an iPad in my classroom. I hope to collaborate with colleagues that already use this technology in their classrooms to gain insight and knowledge, as well as meet my professional learning goals. I believe that teachers that are not already using this system would be interested to know the applications of iPads in the classroom, making this project not only about my classroom, but potentially many classrooms in our district. A follow up to this initiative would be a class set of iPads for students next year. The expansive collection of educational apps available will continue to grow and in the future I think teachers will look to apps for new and interactive ways to teach their students. Apps will not only be a source of information, but also will change our traditional pedagogy and provide new opportunities for asynchronous and synchronous learning. For the reasons outlined in this proposal I believe that iPads will be a fundamental component of the future of education and 21st century learning.


The funding attained for this project would be used to purchase an iPad, a new projector and an Apple TV. An iPad will do so much to increase student achievement and engagement in the classroom for the following reasons:

  • The power of the internet and the seemingly unlimited resources of apps are brought into the classroom at my fingertips allowing our class to research, explore and create

  • The ability for me to be mobile with an iPad in the classroom is an advantage over a Promethean or a SmartBoard where the user is tied to the front of the class in the “sage on the stage” teaching model


    The use of technology in the classroom needs to be done in a purposeful manner. iPads will not be a fad, the touch tablet market will continue to grow and develop. Our students today will be using them in the workforce tomorrow. Exposing our students to this technology in a focused way shows them that these devices are not only for music and entertainment; their capabilities can be applied to deepen their learning experience.


    The cost of this proposal would be approximately $1300 plus the cost of installation. Breakdown:

    • iPad $519

    • Apple TV $109

    • New projector $600 (approximately)

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