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2012-2013 Steffi Kynoch: Enhancing the Social and Emotional Development

Research Question: How using technology to explore thoughts and feelings allows students to become more aware of their own thoughts and feelings and how those thoughts and feelings effect their behaviour.


The child development advisor (CDA) program at Rainbow Creek Elementary is seeking a grant to expand and enhance the use of technology in the social and emotional development of students. At this time the CDA has access to one iPad and is successfully using various apps and books in individual sessions. Many of the apps and books are interactive and allow students to show and express feelings that they are unable to articulate. The apps also assist students in exploring different skills and strategies by walking them through various situations and techniques. At this time the use of iPads in the CDA program is limited to individual sessions. Further, the CDA's current iPad is a first generation iPad and does not have a camera, which limits the use of certain apps.

Innovative Strategy Description

The Rainbow Creek Elementary CDA program is looking to purchase five iPads that can be used in individual and group sessions. Cognitive behavioural therapy, how our thoughts and feelings effect our behaviour, is a common strategy used within the CDA program. There are several apps and books that allow students to discover and interact with their thoughts and feelings; this is often a difficult concept for elementary school students. For example there is an app called Fear Shrinker that deals with fears/anxiety and how to identify triggers and how to cope. Further, the app Pictello allows students to create stories about social skills and friendship skills that can be shared with parents/guardians. This would allow the stories to be used both at home and school, which would increase school and parent/guardian collaboration. There are a number of interactive books that address social and emotional issues; Angry Octopus is a story that deals with anger and relaxation. In addition, there are several apps and books that can assist students in calming themselves while in a heightened state. A set of iPads would allow students to explore and understand their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours as individuals and as groups.

Connection to 21st Century Learning

Several of the 21st century portrait characteristics would be enhanced through the use of technology within the CDA program. Students would have the opportunity to critically think about and interact with their thoughts and feelings. Several of the apps and books provide opportunities for students to look at various options and choose a response, which assists in the development of problem solving. Students, even those with difficulty articulating their thoughts and feelings, would have the opportunity to communicate in a variety of ways. A set of iPads would allow groups of students to collaborate in the area of social and emotional development. Further, as the apps and books are interactive it allows students explore the idea of becoming a self-directed learner. This initiative would allow students to further develop the characteristics of a 21st century learner.

This initiative fits into Rocky View Schools three year educational plan; it allows students to have their individual social and emotional needs met (Goal 1), while using digital technology (Goal 4). As the use of technology has increased in all other areas of learning, it needs to be enhanced and further developed in the areas of social and

emotional development. Further, it allows students to direct and own their social and emotional development and develop 21st century learner characteristics (Goal 2). The enhancement of iPads and interactive technology to the CDA program engages learners in their social and emotional development and enriches their learning experiences (Goal 3). Increasing the variety of ways students are exposed to social and emotional development will provide students with a deeper understanding of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviours.

Professional Learning

This initiative and the idea of enhancing technology into the CDA program creates the opportunity for collaboration between all child development advisors in Rocky View Schools. It also promotes the continual transformation of the CDA program. Furthermore, there is the potential to introduce some of these apps and books to classroom teachers so that they can be used with all students (primary intervention) and not just those students involved in the CDA program.


In addition to the requested funding, $200.00 from the school's budget for the CDA program will be allocated to this initiative.




5 - iPad

iPad 2 with camera so that students are able to take photos.

$419.00 x 5 = $2095.00


5 - iPad Smart Cases

For protection, iPad smart cases in blue (as blue is a calming color)

engraved with Rainbow Creek Elementary(free service).

$55.00 x 5 = $275.00


Note: some apps are available for free.

Fear Shrinker Pictello
Kid CBT*ABC way

Childrens Confidence Meditations by Glenn Harrold

$5.99 x 5 = $29.95 $18.99 x 5 = $94.95 $6.99 x 5 = $34.95

$5.99 x 5 = $29.95


Note: some books are available for free.

Angry Octopus

Scaredy Squirrel (Interactive Edition)
Squirrel Makes a Friend (Interactive Edition)

Playing with Friends with the Wonkidos HD


$7.99 $9.99 $9.99 $1.99



Additional funds for other books and apps that relate to social and emotional development.


Total Cost




Steffi Kynoch
Child Development Advisor Rainbow Creek Elementary School

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