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2012-2013 Susan Rudakoff: Grade One, iPads and Apple TV

Research Question: In what ways does collaboration amongst all learners (teachers and students), through technology, enhance and extend student learning?

A description of the innovative strategy(s) being implemented that improves learning.

The proposed technologies will promote collaboration and creativity through innovative technologies and problem solving skills. The technologies will provide a variety of avenues through which students can explore literacy and mathematics, through the use of both student created artifacts, and through apps themselves to reinforce concepts and provide opportunities for students to practice their technology literacy skills. Using iPads, students will participate in activities that incorporate a variety of iPad applications, including but not limited to, the use of augmented reality to present understandings and to interact with classroom material, extending and enhancing lessons through technology. The technology will also serve as another medium for students to engage with on their path to constructing their own understandings of classroom material.

The implementation of these strategies will address characteristics of the portrait of a 21st Century Learner including:

a communicator
o Learners will interact with class material in new ways. They will be

encouraged to express their thoughts and opinions through augmented reality technology, which will enable them to discuss their own work or the work of others in a wide variety of ways (including verbally, visually and through text) through a new and exciting medium.

a self directed learner
o Learners will develop independence and confidence in their learning

pursuits through class activities. The variety of projects we hope to explore through this technology will provide students opportunities to be exposed to a variety of communication styles, providing them with choices that are appropriate for different learning style preferences.

How do you envision your students using the technologies?

‐ Students will use new presentation and exploration mediums that can be paired with augmented reality (i.e. iMovie, Aurasma) to make classroom material come alive, and to present their learning in a new way. I have worked in association with the Calgary Science School (http://www.calgaryscienceschool.com/ ), notably Dan McWilliam, to further my understanding and to share ideas for best practices that incorporate this technology.

‐ Students will use the technologies to present classmates with problems and questions that they have created and shared through the technologies.
‐ Students sharing with one another and challenging each other with problems that they have synthesized.


‐ Demonstrating understanding and interpretation of curriculum content using apps (Book Creator, Garageband, iMovie) to teach and explain their understandings to each other. The Apple TV provides classmates the opportunity to share and respond to these projects quickly and effectively.

‐ Interactive apps that will provide students with a variety of mathematic and literacy opportunities.
‐ iBook author can be employed to develop materials for student use, as well as for student created materials. The app is easy for teachers and students to use, with drag and drop technology built in to the program so that text, images, videos and sounds can be incorporated into class projects and materials that can be readily shared and accessed by the all students. This program is only available on machines running Lion, the MacBook operating system.

Connection to 21st Century learning, three year education plan and the school education plan.

Connections to the Rainbow Creek School Education Plan:
Goal 2.1: Learners direct and feel ownership for their learning

o The technologies will enhance student classroom experiences by promoting a greater focus on Universal Design for Learning. Learners will be provided with opportunities to express their learning in a variety of ways. This offers students greater ownership over their individual learning pursuits.

Goal 2.2: Learners demonstrate 21st C competencies
o Interactingwiththetechnologywillpromotecollaboration,problem

solving and risk taking in the classroom. Student sense of technology literacy will continue to develop through the integration of technology in math and language activities.

  • Goal 3.1: Learning occurs any time, any place, any path, any pace o Students will be provided with multiple means of new learning,

    multiple means for expressing their learning and multiple means for engagement through various apps, and access to media forms including iBook, video and audio resources.

  • Goal 3.2: Instructional design engages each learner
    o Students will engage with class material in new ways that can be

    accessed through interactive materials presenting diverse paths to

    learning opportunities.

  • Goal 3.3 Instructional design enriches the learning experience

o Concepts will be presented in different ways that reinforce one another, enriching student’s learning experience and understanding of class material while promoting a UDL environment. Students will have greater opportunities to experience, communicate and share their learning though innovative processes.

Goal 4.1 Learners use digital technologies to enhance learning
o Interactionwiththesestechnologieswillpresentopportunitieswhere students will be provided with diverse means to access, construct, and

communicate their understanding in meaningful and engaging ways.

Professional Learning plan tied to the RVS Professional Learning Model

  • ‐  Professional learning will be research based and informed through support from Apple with regard to new ways these technologies can be employed to enhance the ways students experience classroom material.

  • ‐  Collaboration with the Calgary Science School professional learning community. This will include future visitations to Calgary Science School.

  • ‐  Action research that focuses on promoting student access to constructing a more personalized understanding of concepts through innovative and engaging avenues that promote a universal learning environment.

    Level of innovation relative to your school’s current implementation of 21st C. pedagogy.

    This will further promote innovation within our already flourishing technology environment as it will provide greater opportunity for student collaboration through the use of the technology. Greater opportunities for students to share their understandings with one another will be available, and students will continue to develop their technology literacy through this process. They will problem solve through use of the iPad interface and will be encouraged to represent their learning in a variety of formats, using the apps and projects made available to them. The iPad is an ideal tool for this because of the ease with which students are able to explore, create and transfer artifacts from one app to another in their pursuits to develop multimedia projects that demonstrate their learning. These projects can then be shared with other students in the class to provide alternate approaches and perspectives to discovering class material, enriching student experience and further constructing their understanding. Students will be lead to engaged and critical thinking where they will be encouraged to take an entrepreneurial approach towards their learning.

    Detailed budget for the technologies that includes a table with items, details, cost and totals.

    10 new iPads $4980/10 ($519 each)

‐ For student use as described.

10 iPad cases $55
‐ Protection for iPads purchased.

1 Macbook pro ‐ 13‐inch: 2.5 GHz $1129 ____‐ To sync and maintain all iPads.

Apple TV ‐ $109
‐ To connect the iPads to the Smartboard projector for sharing and

collaboration purposes.

Kanex ATV Pro HDMI to VGA Adapter with Audio Support ‐ $59.95
‐ To connect the Apple TV to our classroom Smartboard projector.

$1000 to spend on iPad apps
‐ This will be spent on acquiring apps for iPads. Individual iPads will require

their own license to purchased apps. Licenses cannot be shared amongst new

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