2014 Research Conference

Celebrating Collaborative Research

RVS' 2014 Research Conference, Celebrating Collaborative Research - Using Data to Inform Practice, was deemed highly informative, engaging, and insightful by the 100+ participants that attended the two-day conference August 22 and 23, 2014. Of the 43 presenters, 23 are affiliated with RVS, reflecting a wonderful and growing commitment to in-house research. Following the conference 10 presenters publish blogs regarding their presentations. Listed below is a lineup of the blogs, as well as a number of their actual actual presentations.

Research Blogs

Guest Blogger         

John Burger

2014 Research Conference
Susan Lynch

EDI, EYE and CLIC assessments with implications for Assessment, SIS design and ECS programming

Leslie Waite

Re-awakening Wonder: Creativity in Elementary Mathematics

Kathy Howery

Assistive Technology Implementation

Cynthia Prasow & Jennifer Lock

What Are Partner Research Schools?

Pamela Adams Implementing a Comprehensive & Coordinated Professional Learning Plan
Heather Hill & Stacy Pothier

Using the Right Technology and Pedagogy to Enhance Thinking, Learning, & Teaching: The Impact of a Collaborative Action Research Project

John Burger

Measuring SOS-Q in RVS: Key observations

Elizabeth Gouthro

Early Years Evaluation - Teacher Assessment: What CBE Has Learned?



Assistive Technology Implementation / Kathy Howery

Beginning Teachers Professional Learning / Heather Fansher

Calgary Thrives: Calgary Child and Family Community Data Repository / Dawne Clarke & Nancy Ogden

Early Years Evaluation / Elizabeth Gouthro

Emerging Student Information System - System Design & In Applied Context / John Burger & Ahmad Jawad

Implementing a Comprehensive Professional Learning Plan / Pamela Adams

Measuring SOS-Q in RVS - Key Observations / John Burger & Anna Nadirova

Partner Research Schools Initiative / Cynthia Prasow & Jennifer Lock

Re-Awakening Wonder: Creativity in Elementary Mathematics / Leslie Waite

RVS Screening Process - Using Data to Inform Practice / Lynda Hemsworth & Chris Pawlek

SOS-Q Applications at Middle School / Jeff Chalmers, Denise Weaver, Brenda Valario, & Chael Wyper

Using Data to Support a Focus on Healthy School Communities / Elizabeth Coldbeck

Using the Right Technology & Pedagogy to Enhance Thinking, Learning, & Teaching / Stacy Pothier & Heather Hill

Using EDI Data To Support the Well Being of Young Children / Sue Lynch

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