Research Committee - Procedures & Papers

This section contains abstracts of completed research that has been approved by RVS' Research Committee. For more information on these papers contact Dave Morris, RVS' Research Committee Chair at 403.945.4018.

Research Procedures

1. Initiate dialogue regarding the proposal to be submitted to:

• Research Committee Chair

Phone: 403.945.4018;  Email

2. Complete the Application to Engage in Research/Evaluation form

3. Submit the completed application and all supporting documentation including the full Research Proposal and a copy of the Ethics Approval in accordance with the following schedule:


4. If requested by the RVS Research Committee, the applicant may attend a meeting of the Review Committee to answer questions and concerns regarding the proposal.

5. Revise proposal in accordance with outcome of the meeting with the Review Committee and resubmit by agreed-upon deadline.

6. Receive written confirmation of approval.

Additional Resources

RVS Research Procedure

FOIP Request for Access to Information - Forms - FOIP - FP 001/08

FOIP Policy - Policy - General School Administration  - FOIP CNB

FOIP Act - Part 2, Section 42 - Disclosure for research or statistical purposes

FOIP Regulation - Section 9 - Researcher Agreements

 Title   Type 
A Study on the Impact of Drama in Education on Classroom Cohesion File
Partnering to Implement an Evidence-based Tool within Schools to Improve Child Mental Health File
Embracing Wonder and Curiosity: Transforming Teacher Practice Through Escape Room Design File
Voices of Mainstream Classroom Teachers About Their Perceived Ability and Competence to Teach English Language Learners: What More is Needed? File
Cultivating a Learning Culture Promoting Self-Regulation at R. J. Hawkey Elementary School File
The Student Experience of High School Redesign; Investigating the Perspectives of Diverse Students in a Personalized Learning Environment File
Ski and Snowboard School Programs: Injury Surveillance and Risk Factors for Injury File
Student Experience in the PYP Exhibition File
Understanding Math 10 Students' Experiences to Learn Mathematics File
Learning, Breathing & Well-Being: Teachers' Reflections on Pedagogical Possibilities through Mindfulness by Kimberley Holmes File
Creating Inclusive Classrooms File
Alberta Policy Coalition School Food Environment Survey Report File
A Study of a Teacher Leader Going "Back" to the Classroom File
Pre-service Teacher Mentoring As Development for Teacher Instructional Leadership File
Developing Possibilities & Potentials - A Mentorship Journey Handbook File
Implementing a Collaborative Inquiry Model to Personalize & Coordinate Prof. Learning for Educators File
Leadership in Cultivating Technology Integration Survey File
Re-Awakening Wonder: Creativity in Elementary Mathematics File
Response to Questioning in the Immersion Classroom File
Evaluation Report for the L.E.N.S. Program (Learners in Engaging Networked Settings) File
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