A Day in the Life of Rocky Raccoon

Guest Author: Rocky Raccoon, Official RVS Mascot – Wow! A day in my life is not like any other raccoon. Let me tell you about it! I live at the Education Centre outside among the surrounding trees, where I can overlook the entire facility. Being this close, I‘m able to be available at a moments notice and you all know I could be coming to a school near you. My morning usually consists of getting up and looking for some breakfast. And believe me, that’s not too hard as its just a short stroll to the kitchen inside the facility. Nothing like a big bowl of oatmeal, toast, and coco to warm my belly.

Rocky_hockeyAfter clean up it’s time to check on the building. I like to know who’s going to be around for the day, and what the day has in store for this raccoon. Today’s agenda looks to be awesome! I’m going to be playing hockey with some students from Muriel Clayton. They’re playing against the teachers. I best get rockin’, as the game starts soon. Off to the rink I go with my good buddy Lance. He drives me to all my events. Upon arriving at the rink, we meet up with the organizer to get the details of the game plan. Once that business is out of the way, it’s finally game time. I get ready, lace up, and put my ‘Game Face’ on – a stunning one I might add.

I head out onto the ice to drop the puck and then it’s game on! The teachers get the first goal and they’re excited…but it’s not long before the students pick up a couple of goals, and that’s when I get them all pumped up. Just a little fancy footwork, some banging on the glass, and the crowd goes wild. Now that I have their attention I can get them more worked up by raising my hands in the air, making funny gestures, and letting them know that “School is Cool”–and then I slip on the ice (way uncool LOL). This gets them really engaged, laughing and cheering. Hey -what can I say, all in a day’s work, hmmm.

As the buzzer goes the game comes to an end and the students have won. What was the score you ask? Well let’s just say they stopped putting up the score so as to not insult the opposing team. I was glad to have been invited to the event. The students came over to get high fives and to thank me for coming. I even had time to get a few photo ops, which ended up in the local paper. I am a local celebrity, and rightly so being the divisional mascot. With all of the day’s action and the media attention, I was tired and ready to get back home. Lance drove me back to the Ed Centre. The day was getting late, but I still needed to do a few tasks around the facility–like getting all the recycling put away, and making sure all the water taps and lights were turned off. This raccoon wants to do his part to save energy and the environment.

When the staff at the Ed Centre all have gone home for the evening I get time to put my paws up and relax with my iPad. Yup, I’m a bit of a techie. I look forward to texting my mascot friends, “Youdee and Baby Blue” from the University of Delaware, and my good buddy “Philly the Phanatic” from the Philadelphia Phillies Baseball team, to share about my adventures. As the batteries on my iPad wind down, so does this raccoon. Boy am I zonked after such a fun-filled day, but I can hardly wait to get up and do it again tomorrow.

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