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Another 'Tail' About Greg Bass

RVS Guest Author: Rocky Raccoon, RVS Official Mascot – In my first blog, “Paws to Paper”, I wrote about my adventures as the Division’s mascot. This blog tells a different ‘tail’. It’s a story about a leader who is more than just a businessman, and how his willingness to work at the grassroots level brought me to life.

In case you hadn’t guessed, the ‘leader’ I’m referring to is our very own Superintendent of Schools Mr. Greg Bass. As he prepares to move on to greater endeavors, I feel the time is right to celebrate his role in my conception. Mr. Bass may be leaving, but he leaves behind a legacy.

My friend–and heart and soul–Lance Rinehart first came up with the idea that Rocky View Schools could benefit from the creation of a divisional mascot. When Lance wasn’t busy delivering the mail, he was at his computer doing research on the topic of professional mascots. He learned that while many companies, teams, and schools use mascots to connect with the public, he could find no evidence of any division in the province currently boasting a mascot. Rocky View could be the first, a leader in the 21st Century. Lance realized the potential, but in order for the potential to be realized, he would need the support of the ‘higher-ups’.

Giddy with excitement, Lance ran by Mr. Bass’ office to inform him he was working on a ‘great idea’. Being open minded, Mr. Bass was eager to hear about it whenever Lance felt the time was right. When passing in the office Mr. Bass would often remind Lance, “when you are ready, come talk to me”. Lance felt appreciated that someone as busy as the Superintendent would take time just to check in.

One hectic day, when Mr. Bass was coming out of a very important Boardroom meeting, Lance just happened to be at the reception desk. Mr. Bass approached him for more details about his ‘great idea’, so the two men sat down in the foyer and discussed the proposal. Lance was concerned about wasting Mr. Bass’ time, and did not want to keep him long, but Mr. Bass showed genuine interest and made him feel worthy. Turned out that Mr. Bass loved the idea of a divisional mascot, and promised to present it to the Trustees for approval. Through student input and design, ultimately Rocky Raccoon was born. But the story doesn’t end here.

Mr. Bass didn’t just put his rubber stamp on the mascot idea. He got directly involved with the comedic life of Rocky. Rocky is honoured to have had our Superintendent be his handler for the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay, as well as many other divisional events. Mr. Bass has worked alongside the mascot speaking at support staff PL days, staff Christmas parties, and charity hockey games. Through their affiliation, he has reached out to students promoting the “School is Cool” program. I believe Mr. Bass is successful as both a leader and as a man because he always kept the best interests of the students and staff at Rocky View close to his heart. Thank you Mr. Greg Bass. Rocky will miss you!

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