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Therapy Dogs and Other Helping Animals
RVS Guest Blog, Ellie, RVS Grade 4 student - At Ralph McCall we are very lucky to have some classrooms with class pets. There is fish, a snake and a hedgehog, but everyone’s favourite is our school Therapy Dog, Hudson. (Or, as my brother calls him, “Nnn”.) I personally like Hudson because he helps people focus. Other students adore Hudson because of how he makes them feel.
Soundbites - April 2018
April, the month that traditionally signals the end of a long cold winter and the beginning of SPRING! It's a time to eagerly anticipate and enjoy new growth - outdoors with the budding of plants and trees, indoors where the newly acquired skills and talents of students take hold and give reason to celebrate!
PAT Exam Schedule
Starting in the 2017/2018 school year, grades 6 and 9 Provincial Achievement Tests will be administered to students in an administration window provided by Alberta Education rather than according to pre-set schedules.
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Communication with Parents
To enhance consistency in the way Rocky View Schools communicates with parents about their child’s educational journey, teachers across Rocky View Schools are working to standardize their communication practices.
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