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A Growth Mindset for Teaching and Learning
Susan Noble, Program Learning Specialist, Education Centre - Traditional assessment approaches to instruction and assessment “involve teaching some given material, and then, at the end of teaching, working out who hasn’t learned it” (Leahy, Lyon, Thompson & William, 2005, p. 1). Some parents in our school communities have expectations for the assessment of their children’s learning based on their own school experiences. They await the marked worksheets, quizzes and spelling tests to be brought home, wrought with percentages and scores.
Chestermere Grade Reconfiguration - May 2, 2019
Rocky View Schools' (RVS) Board of Trustees voted on May 2, 2019, to change the grade configurations of four schools serving K – Gr. 9 students in Chestermere. Find full details in a letter that was issued to parents.
Soundbites – May 2019
Spring is in full swing and RVS school communities have planned many events that will get you outside to enjoy the sunshine!
Grade Reconfiguration Announced
The Board of Trustees approved new grade configurations for Airdrie's R.J. Hawkey, Heloise Lorimer and Meadowbrook schools, April 4, 2019, following a public consultation held this past winter.
Ontrack – 2019 Advanced Registration
The January 2019 edition of Ontrack invites parents to become familiar with the multitude of services and programs offered in preparation for RVS' Advanced Registration process, Jan. 14 – 18, 2019.
2019 RVS Achievement Schedules
Rocky View Schools has set the grades 6 and 9 Provincial Achievement Tests for the January, May and June 2019 test writings. These dates comply with an administration window set by Alberta Education. Schools can include these schedules in newsletters and post on their websites to share with parents, students and their respective communities.
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