Standard: Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students applies research on change and sustains support of professional learning for long-term change.

“The primary goals for professional learning are changes in educator practice and increases in student learning.  This is a process that occurs over time and requires support for implementation to embed the new learning into practices.  Those responsible for professional learning apply findings from change process research to support long-term change in practice by extending learning over time.  They integrate a variety of supports for individuals, teams, and schools.  Finally, they integrate constructive feedback and reflection to support continuous improvement in practice that allows educators to move along a continuum from novice to expert through application of their professional learning” (Standards for Professional Learning, Learning Forward, 2011, p.44).

To read an article by Gene E. Hall and Hirley M. Hord entitled Implementation: Learning builds the bridge between research and practice.  Journal of Staff Development, August, 2011, 32(4). Used with permission of Learning Forward, All rights reserved.

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Rocky View Schools

Organizational learning is ongoing, supported and fully integrated into Rocky View School’s culture.  Professional learning is personalized, generative and focused on the actualization of exemplary practice in universal learning environment.  In RVS, professional learning is job embedded with the collaborative opportunities for guided conversation and co-creation of new knowledge through innovative reflective practice.



Learning Forward. (2011). Standards for Professional Learning. Oxford, OH: Author

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