Standard: Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students align professional learning with educator performance and student curriculum standards and outcomes.

“For all students to learn, educators and professional learning must be held to high standards.  Professional learning that increases results for all students addresses the learning outcomes and performance expectations education systems designate for students and educators.  When the content of professional learning integrates student curriculum and educator performance standards, the link between educator learning and student learning becomes explicit, increasing the likelihood that professional learning contributes to increased student learning” (Standards for Professional Learning, Learning Forward, 2011, p.48).

To read an article by Laura Desimone entitled Outcomes: Content-focused learning improves teacher practice and students results.  Journal of Staff Development, August, 2011, 32(4). Used with permission of Learning Forward, www.learningforward.org. All rights reserved.

To learn more about the Learning Forward website section on Outcomes including featured practitioners and related articles) click here.

(References to the term “common core standards” is American and not applicable to the Alberta context. We are guided by the Programs of Study as prescribed by Alberta Education).

Rocky View Schools

School based collaborative and collective inquiry aligned with provincial and jurisdictional  priorities is the most meaningful and effective professional learning. These include:

  • The learning outcomes in the provincial Programs of Study
  • Framework for Student Learning - Competencies for Engaged Thinkers and Ethical Citizens with an Entrepreneurial Spirit



Learning Forward. (2011). Standards for Professional Learning. Oxford, OH: Author

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