Standard: Professional learning that increases educator effectiveness and results for all students requires prioritizing, monitoring, and coordinating resources for professional learning.

“Resources for professional learning include staff, materials, technology, and time, all dependent on available funding.  How these resources are prioritized to align with identified professional learning needs affects access to, quality of, and effectiveness of educator learning experiences.  Decisions about resources for professional learning require a thorough understanding of student and educator learning needs, clear commitment to ensure equity in resource allocation, and thoughtful consideration of priorities to achieve the intended outcomes for students and educators” (Standards for Professional Learning, Learning Forward, 2011, p.32).

To learn more about the resources standard, (including a video by Dan Bickel, area administrator, featured practitioner, related articles) click here

To read an article by Allan Odden entitled Resources: The dollars and sense of comprehensive professional learning. Journal of Staff Development, August, 2011, 32(4). Used with permission of Learning Forward, All rights reserved.

Rocky View Schools

Organizational learning is ongoing, supported and fully integrated into RVS’ culture.  In addition to individually supported professional learning, RVS allocates significant time and resources to support ongoing professional learning and sustainable school improvement such as:

●       Learning Services ie. Learning Specialists, Psychologists etc.

●       Communities of Practice (CoP) (reference:

●       School Based Days

●       AISI PL days (reference:

●       Central and school based PL dollars

●       Innovation and Excellence in Learning Funding

●       Professional Development Leave Committee (PDLC) funding (partnership between the local ATA and RVS to support PL)

●       Centrally supported PL programming for all staff

●       District Calendar with 9 Professional Learning days



Learning Forward. (2011). Standards for Professional Learning. Oxford, OH: Author

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