2012-2013 Annual Education Results Report

So much accomplished; so much more to do!

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Rocky View Schools (RVS) is delighted to share with the public its 2012 – 2013 Annual Education Results Report (AERR). As this report demonstrates, the 2012 - 2013 was a remarkable school year for our jurisdiction, with unprecedented increases to parent and staff satisfaction levels – we’ve hit our 90 percent target in over 34 questions tested! We’ve also attained an 80 percent or higher degree of satisfaction in 14 out of 15 outcome areas to earn a “significant improvement” across the board on RVS' Accountability Pillar. On Alberta Education’s Pillar Summary, we’ve earned four “excellence standings” for offering a broad range of programs, for achieving a low drop-out rate and an equally strong high school completion rate, and for helping students become good citizens. Wow, what a year!

As guided by our 2011-2014 Three Year Plan, “Building the Power to Enrich”, and strategically aligned School Education Plans, we’ve also undertaken and completed a wide range of innovative projects and supporting initiatives that respond to the needs of our students and advance the transformation of our jurisdiction into a 21st C learning organization. From building momentum among teachers, businesses, and community groups to employ inquiry-based learning projects, to launching netWORK, an online database that collects the two-way volunteer needs of schools and RVS communities, synergy abounds. It's obvious through the result of this report that the distributed innovation and collective intelligence required to extend learning beyond the walls of our classrooms is well entrenched across the jurisdiction.

Although we've much left to do, the Board could not be more pleased with our progress to-date. In celebration, this year’s AERR offers you more than just a statistical recount of our success. Rather we’re hoping you’ll take the time to review the showcase we’ve put together that highlights the many initiatives and projects that are helping us achieve our goals. By clicking on each of the graphics presented in the box to the right and on subsequent goal pages, you will be re-directed to a digital asset that demonstrates how we are achieving our results. To see our actual results, click on the outcome statements also included.

As always, we maintain an open door policy and welcome the opportunity to address any questions you may have about the report by calling 403.945.4012.

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