Parent and Community Partners

2012-2013 Results



Overall parental involvement is strong in RVS, with between 81 and 91 of parents believing they are actively involved in their child's education and/or have an opportunity to be involved in the decision-making process.

2013-2014 Response

  • (Action Plan) - Launch a "student support" website folder to facilitate greater awareness of service providers.
  • (Action Plan) - Investigate the establishment of community learning hubs across RVS.
  • (Action Plan) - Leverage emerging technologies to inform the community of 21st C teaching and learning.
  • (Action Plan) - Promote the use of RVS' jurisdictional volunteer program, netWORK, to match school needs with community resources.
  • (Action Plan) - In cooperation with community partners, invest strategically in wrap-around services to meet the individual needs of students.
  • (Action Plan) - Charge RVS' Learning and Community Learning Branches with offering community programming consistent with RVS' 21st C culture.
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