Capital Plan

Capital Plan Submission

Each year, Rocky View Schools (RVS) prepares a ten-year facility plan and a three-year capital plan that outlines new schools, additions, and renovations required to meet the accommodation and program needs within the jurisdiction. These capital projects are determined by monitoring subdivision applications in resident municipalities, housing starts and completions as reported by CMHC, and through discussions with subdivision developers and municipal planners. Program needs are evaluated through consultation with school administration. From these reviews, capital needs are then identified and a list of priorities is drafted and approved by the Board.

Once submitted, three-year capital plans are reviewed by the province and individual projects are prioritized in relation to all provincial submissions, i.e., advanced education, hospitals, roads, and corrections within the province, to determine which projects will receive approval and funding. The Government of Alberta priorities relate to:

  1. Importance of the project to achieving ministry program delivery requirements
  2. Infrastructure performance
  3. Economic, social and environmental impacts
  4. Budget impacts

Alberta Education Capital Priorities

Alberta Education prioritizes capital funding for projects by:

  1. Health and safety issues
  2. Building Condition
  3. Utilization Rates
  4. Enrollment Projections
  5. Education Program Delivery
  6. Additional criteria as supported by reports, studies and regional plans

Calgary Metro Area

In recent years, Alberta’s robust economy has fueled a significant population growth in the Calgary Metro Area. The smaller communities around Calgary, which feature affordable housing and a desirable quality of life, attract 20 percent of the people moving into the Calgary area. Housing starts are now exceeding pre-2008 numbers in the communities around Calgary. Municipalities within Rocky View Schools are again at 9%-11% annual growth rates.

Unlike Calgary, many of Rocky View’s suburban municipalities do not have a base level of infrastructure that allows easy absorption of the population growth. Consequently, Rocky View Schools is struggling to provide adequate educational facilities in several communities within the Division. Rocky View Schools also must provide support services for students and families through partnerships with the Government of Alberta (GOA) and Non-Government Organizations (NGO).

From September 2013 to September 2018, RVS will have an additional 6,800 students (these numbers do not include Catholic, Francophone and alternate school students). This growth is concentrated in Chestermere, Airdrie, Cochrane, and Langdon.

2015 - 2018 Capital Plan

RVS’ current Three Year Capital Plan, for the 2015-18 budget years, requests 11 new facilities, 3 major building addition, 6 minor addition/renovation projects ($250,000 to $1,000,000) and 2 significant modernizations (>$1,000,000). The minor addition/renovation projects will be completed with non-GOA funding (primarily Rocky View County reserve funds).

In September 2014 the following Capital Projects from the 2012-2015 Capital Plan opened:

  • C W Perry 5-8 School (northwest Airdrie), capacity 900, built out to 900
  • W H Croxford 9-12 School (west Airdrie), capacity 1000, built out to 1200
  • East Lake K-9 School (east Chestermere), capacity 500, built out to 900

In 2016 the following projects will be completed:

  • New Cochrane K-8 school, capacity 800, built out to 900 (from the 2013-2016 Capital Plan).
  • New Airdrie K-4  school, capacity 600 (from the 2014-2017 Capital Plan)
  • New Airdrie K-5 (with provision to go to K-8), capacity 900 (from the 2014-2017 Capital Plan)

In 2017 the following projects will be completed from the 2015-2018 Capital Plan:

  • New Cochrane K-8 school, capacity 800, build out to 900
  • New Airdrie K-8 school, capacity 800, build ou to 900
  • The addition to Herons Crossing School in Airdrie, increasing the build out capcity from 350 to 900.

Rocky View Schools also received emergent approval for 8 modular classrooms for the newly opened East Lake School and has submitted a request for the provision of 15 new modular classrooms, 1 modular washroom unit and 2 relocations for September 2015.

Capital and Infrastructure Maintenance and Renewal (IMR)

Thirteen (10 GOA funded, 3 RVS funded) new modular classrooms and  and eleven relocated (7 GOA funded, 4 RVS funded) modular new units  were approved March 2014:

  • 8 – Mitford K-8 / Cochrane Christian Academy K-8 (1 relocated GOA funded, 4 new GOA funded, 3 new RVS funded)
  • 4 - Herons Crossing K-4 (relocated GOA funded)
  • 2 - Rainbow Creek K-5 (new GOA funded)
  • 6 - Elizabeth Barrett K-4 (2 new GOA funded, 4 relocated RVS funded)
  • 2 – Meadowbrook K-3, 5-8 (relocated GOA funded)
  • 2 – Prince of Peace K-9 (new GOA funded)

Six units were removed from inventory and three units (already removed from inventory) were surplussed.

The installations are being completed throughout the fall and winter of 2014 and 2015.

Numerous maintenance and renewal projects and minor program renovations were also completed for September 2014.

For More Information

RVS’ Capital Plan and Contingency Plan can be accessed through the RVS public website under Publications/Capital Plans. Residents may also call Director of Facility Planning, John Wheatley, at 403.945.4010.

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