Priority Moving Forward

Literacy and Numeracy Task Force

A-DIPRocky View Schools' results met or exceeded provincial expectations at the acceptable level (85%) in 1 of 13 tests and in 4 out of 13 tests at the excellence level (15%). In relation to their provincial counterparts, Rocky View students out-performed their peers in 7 out of 13 tests at the acceptable level, but 0 out of 13 at the excellence level. As in previous years, Rocky View students continue to be under represented at the standard of excellence level, indicating attention to success at this level is required across the jurisdiction.

An area of concern for RVS, our response to these provincial achievement test results includes establishing a K-6 Numeracy and Literacy Achievement Task Group in 2014/15 to review outcome trends and identify jurisdiction-wide strategies, resources and assessments for both short and longer term improvement initiatives in numeracy and literacy. Additional Achievement Task Groups for grades 7-12 will follow in 2015/16.




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