2014-2015 Annual Education Results Report

Helping To Develop Strong, Critical Thinkers!

AERR Main Goal 1 Trustee Website Goal 2 Assessing RVS YouTube Learning Technology Policy Framework Goal 3 Make Learning Visible Goal 4

Rocky View Schools (RVS) is pleased to share with the public its 2014–2015 Annual Education Results Report (AERR). Over the course of the school year, RVS continued to challenge students by encouraging them to develop and test their own ideas, seek new perspectives, gather and analyze information, and draw new insights to help them grow to be strong, critical thinkers. We also ensured every student is supported through learning communities that value inclusion, diversity, compassion and fairness.

Our Board could not be more pleased with our schools' progress to date. RVS continues to maintain one of the highest high school completion rates and lowest drop-out rates in the province. Student, parent, and staff satisfaction levels are soaring, and student performance reveals ongoing improvement.

Similar to our 2013-2014 AERR, in celebration of our success, this year’s AERR offers you more than just a statistical recount of our success. We hope you’ll take the time to review the showcase we’ve put together that highlights the many initiatives and projects that are helping us achieve our goals. By clicking on each of the graphics presented in the box to the right and on subsequent goal pages, you will be re-directed to a digital asset that demonstrates how we are achieving our results. To see our actual results, click on the outcome statements also included.

As always, we maintain an open door policy and welcome the opportunity to address any questions you may have about the report by calling 403.945.4012.

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