Rocky View Schools' Accountability Pillar

Rocky View Schools (RVS) is witnessing high levels of satisfaction with the implementation of its 2011- 2015 Four Year Plan, having achieved, as its baseline, an 80 percent or higher degree of satisfaction in 12 out of 15 outcome areas. Outcome areas that have met RVS’ desired target of 90 percent or better include "learning is generative, responsive, and multi-dimensional", with the outcomes "learners use digital technologies to enhance learning", and "instructional design enriches the learning environment" within one percent of reaching RVS' target.

Student Satisfaction

achieve-studentsSince 2010, an ongoing progression of increased satisfaction has been witnessed, with 10 out of 31 survey areas increasing by four percent, 15 questions growing between one and three percent, two remaining the same, and four questions declining between one and four percent. Nine survey areas are close to or have met RVS’ satisfaction target of 90 percent or better. On the majority of questions posed in 2014/15, student results are within one to two percent of last year. Agreement that “Teachers make my classes interesting” increased to 74 percent this year – a five year high. Agreement that “I use my class’s online learning resources (i.e., Moodle, school websites) after school to help me learn” improved to 68 percent from 56 percent in 2011/12. Results decreased by four to five percent on the three high school questions: “I know how to access information regarding university and other post-secondary education”; “My school helps me plan for my future after I leave school”; and, “I have sufficient opportunities to be involved in decisions that affect student life.”

Parent Satisfaction

achieve-parentsSimilar to student satisfaction levels, since 2010 parents’ perception and satisfaction with Rocky View have continued to climb, with 11 out of 32 survey areas increasing between five and six percent. Twenty-one (21) survey areas are close to or have met RVS’ satisfaction target of 90 percent or better. Schools are to be commended for obtaining a 25 percent response rate to RVS’ parent survey.



Staff Satisfaction

achieve-staffSince 2010, RVS has maintained consistently high satisfaction levels among staff, with very little variance year-over-year. In 2014/15, the majority of staff satisfaction results remain within three percent of the previous year’s results with 28 out of 52 questions revealing satisfaction of 90 percent or higher. Five survey areas dropped by more than five percent: That students have access to support services that meet their needs; That the needs of all learners are met at this school; With the support services received through learning specialists/support services/community agencies; That students with special needs are meeting their IPP goals; and, That students are taking responsibility for their learning. The percentage of staff members satisfied with the appreciation they receive at the jurisdiction level for their contributions continues to be an area for further improvement with only 68 percent satisfaction rate.

Drop-Out Rate/High School Completion

Over the past five years RVS continues to maintain one of the highest high school completion rates and lowest drop-out rates in the province. RVS’ drop-out rate is 2.5 percent in comparison to the provincial average of 3.4 percent. A greater number of RVS students, 80.9 percent, also are completing high school, in comparison to provincial results of 76.4 percent.

Rutherford Scholarships

Sixty point four (60.4) percent of RVS high school students are receiving a Rutherford Scholarship for earning 75 percent or more on five high school courses.

Alberta Education's APORI Satisfaction Rates

In 2014/15, slight decreases were witnessed in some APORI satisfaction survey measures, which focus on access to the program of studies, citizenship, and school improvement, while slight gains in satisfaction were made in the areas of safe and caring schools and parental involvement.

Diploma Exams

Rocky View Schools’ results met or exceeded provincial standards in six out of 11 diploma exams at the acceptable
achieve-diploma level (85%) and in seven out of 11 exams at the excellence level (15%). In comparison to their provincial counterparts, RVS students also surpassed or were equal to their provincial counterpart’s performance in seven out of 11 exams at the acceptable level and in two out of 11 exams at the excellence level. Outstanding performance was witnessed in English30-2, Social 30-2, Math 30-1, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, and Science 30, where Rocky View students exceeded provincial expectations at the excellence level by four to 10 percent. Student performance also was exceptional at the acceptable level in the subject areas of English 30-1, English 30-2, Social 30-1, where levels were greater than 90 percent. Despite this success, RVS students continue to be under represented at the excellence standard in the subject areas of English 30-1 and French LA 30.

Diploma Participation Rate

The percentage of Rocky View high school students writing four or more diploma exams within three years of entering Grade 10 increased to 53.9 percent from 51.3 percent in 2014. These results are slightly behind provincial results for the year at 54.9 percent.

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