Rocky View Schools' Accountability Pillar

set-squares-3In the spring of 2016, RVS refined its satisfaction surveys by aligning questions to its new 2015-2019 Four Year Plan, as well as moving to a five-point evaluation scale of “strongly agree, agree, undecided, disagree, strongly disagree” on the student survey and “very satisfied, satisfied, undecided, dissatisfied and very dissatisfied” on the parent and staff surveys. In previous years, RVS used a four-point scale, which did not include the “undecided” category. This move was made to increase the validity and reliability of all three surveys, providing the jurisdiction and its schools with a more accurate picture of satisfaction levels. Given that RVS’ 2016 results are not easily comparable to previous years, trend data will not be available until 2018. Overall, RVS’ Pillar Summary reveals satisfaction levels are below the jurisdiction’s target of 80 percent across all nine outcomes.


RVS Satisfaction Student Satisfaction

On the questions posed, student satisfaction levels have met the jurisdiction’s target of 80 percent in six areas: I feel welcome at school; Teachers help me when I need it; I feel safe at school; I have access to quality technology to support my learning; The use of technology at school helps me do my school work better; and, I take responsibility for my learning. Areas for improvement, identified where 20 percent or more of students indicated they are not applessatisfied, are: Students care about each other at my school; I enjoy learning at school; I am happy to go to school;and, I feel I have a voice in my education. Students who ride the bus also raised concern with the respect students show one another on the bus. Significant numbers of Grade 8 - 12 students feel uninformed that they do not have access to information regarding university and other post-secondary education or that schools help them plan for their future after school. The level in which students feel engaged and supported also needs to be investigated due to the high percentages that indicated they were “undecided” on questions such as “The school helps me do my very best” and “My teacher inspires me to learn.”


RVS Parent Satisfaction

bus-3Parent satisfaction results have met or exceeded the jurisdiction’s target of 80 percent in 11 areas related to the safe, caring, and welcoming culture of their child’s school, their child’s engagement in learning, and with the belief that their child’s reading, writing, and numeracy skills are appropriate to his/her grade level. An area for improvement lies in the percentage of parents (15%) who indicated concern with the way the school keeps them informed about their child’s progress and achievement. Greater understanding also needs to be built among parents as to RVS’ resource allocation and the role of parents in decisions that affect their child. Schools are to be commended for obtaining a 28 percent response rate to RVS’ parent survey.


RVS Staff Satisfaction


The majority of staff indicate high satisfaction with the jurisdiction with 20 out of 32 questions revealing satisfaction of 80 percent or higher. Five areas for improvement lie in the high percentages of staff indicating dissatisfaction with: The resources and supports provided by the jurisdiction in assisting schools in meeting student needs; That students take responsibility for their learning; With the support services received through learning specialists and support services; and, That students are demonstrating literacy and numeracy skills appropriate to their grade level.


Alberta Education's APORI (Accountability Pillar Online Report Initiative)

On May 16, 2016, Alberta Education announced it would begin using Provincial Approach to Student Information (PASI)set-square as its data source for Accountability Pillar results and reports that go to school authorities, schools, and the public. Believing PASI will provide improved data quality, resulting in better information for educators to use when making decisions related to student outcomes, results for the previous four years as outlined in the 2016 Accountability Pillar reports were recalculated by Alberta Education to realign the data with this process. Also changed in 2016 was the final weighting of Diploma Exams, from 50 to 30 percent, and School-Awarded Marks, from 50 to 70 percent. Based on this move RVS has included the school-awarded marks in this report.


Provincial Achievement Tests

pencil-graphRocky View Schools' results met or exceeded provincial expectations at the acceptable level (85%) in zero of 10 tests and in four out of 10 tests at the excellence level (15%). In relation to their provincial counterparts, Rocky View students out-performed their peers in four out of 10 tests at the acceptable level, and zero out of 10 at the excellence level. As in previous years, Rocky View students continue to be under represented at the standard of excellence level, indicating attention to success at this level is required across the jurisdiction.


Diploma Participation Rate

The percentage of Rocky View high school students writing four or more diploma exams within three years of entering Grade 10 remained consistent to the previous year at 53.4 percent from 53.8 percent in 2015. These results are slightly behind provincial results for the year at 54.6 percent.


Diploma Exams

Rocky View Schools’ results met or exceeded provincial standards in four out of 11 diploma exams at the acceptablegrads level (85%) and in five out of 11 exams at the excellence level (15%). In comparison to their provincial counterparts, RVS students also surpassed or were equal to their provincial counterparts’ performance in five out of 11 exams at the acceptable level and in one out of 11 exams at the excellence level. ZAcross all subjects, RVS’ school awarded marks were equal to their provincial counterparts at the acceptable level, while at the excellence level most were below provincial averages. Outstanding performance was witnessed in Math 30-1, Biology 30, Chemistry 30, Physics 30, and Science 30, where Rocky View students exceeded provincial expectations at the excellence level by four to 22 percent. Student performance also was exceptional at the acceptable level in the subject areas of English 30-1, English 30-2, French 30-1, and Social 30-1, where levels were greater than 85 percent. Despite this success, RVS students continue to be under represented at the excellence standard in the subject areas of English 30-1 and French LA 30.


Drop-Out Rate/High School Completion

RVS’ drop-out rate is 2.3 percent in comparison to the provincial average of 3.2 percent. A greater number of RVSapple-1 students, 82.7 percent, also are completing high school, in comparison to provincial results of 76.5 percent.

Rutherford Scholarships

Sixty-two point three (62.3) percent of RVS high school students are receiving a Rutherford Scholarship for earning 75 percent or more on five high school courses.

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