Learners are successful.

Outcome 1 - Learners are literate and numerate.

  1. (AE) Percentage of students/FNMI students in who achieved the acceptable standard and standard of excellence on Provincial Achievement Tests (cohort) and Diploma Exams.
  2. (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and staff who agree that students are literate and numerate.
  3. (RVS) Divisional performance measures to be identified by Literacy/Numeracy Task Group. (Pending)


  • (Action Plan) Develop and implement a system-wide K-12 literacy and numeracy framework.


Outcome 2 - Learners build 21st C competencies (skills and knowledge).

  1. (AE) Percentage of teachers, parents, and students who agree that students model characteristics of active citizenship.
  2. (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and staff who agree that students are building 21st C competencies.


  • (Action Plan) Acquire and apply 21st C competencies across learning disciplines and in a variety of contexts.


Outcome 3 - Learners take ownership of their learning.

  1. (AE) High school completion rate of students/FNMI self-identified students within three years of entering Grade 10.
  2. (AE) Annual dropout rate of students/FNMI students aged 14 to 18.
  3. (AE) Percentage of students/FNMI students eligible for a Rutherford Scholarship.
  4. (AE) High school to post-secondary transition rate of students/FNMI students within six years of entering Grade 10.
  5. (RVS) Percentage of students, parents, and staff agreement that students take ownership for their learning.
  6. (RVS) Percentage of staff that use balanced assessment practices to support student learning.


  • (Action Plan) Enhance balanced assessment practices through reflection, self-awareness, communication, and growth.
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