Four Year Plans

Balancing Literacy and Numeracy with Competency Skill Development

Rocky View Schools is pleased to present its 2015-2019 Four Year Plan - Year 4. As guided by the plan, over the past three years the jurisdiction continues to make progress in building the foundational skills of literacy and numeracy among its 25,000 students, as well as the critical competencies required for them to find information or to develop new ideas and construct meaning by clarifying and expanding their thinking. Honouring the value that all learners deserve to have their needs met through learning communities that value inclusion, diversity, compassion, and fairness, RVS also has continued to expand its services and accommodations to support the whole child - emotionally, academically, and physically. We invite you to join us on this journey by reading through RVS' digital 2015 - 2019 Four Year Plan - Year Four, accessible below.

Four Year Plans

2015-2019 Four Year Education Plan - Year 4

2015-2019 Four Year Education Plan - Year 3

2015-2019 Four Year Education Plan - Year 2

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