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Register with Rocky View Schools

The best way to register your child is to take a completed 2015/16 registration form to your child's designated school. If you are registering for the 2016/17 school year, you may take a completed 2016/17 registration form to your child's school. Information about your child's designated school can be accessed here Attendance Area maps. If you are still unsure of your designated school, call 403-945-4125.

Parents may enrol their child in Kindergarten in their designated school for one year provided the child is five years of age by the last day of February or not older than 6 years of age on September 1 of the school year the child begins Kindergarten. Students who are six years of age on or before the last day of February will be admitted to Grade One.

In order to register a student, parents/guardians will be asked to provide the following information:

  • Proof of the child’s age and legal name. Documents accepted are: birth certificate, adoption certificate, student authorization visa, Canadian citizenship papers, or permanent landed immigrant/residence documentation
  • House number and street address if you live in a town or city; your 911 address (e.g. 223245 TWP RD) if you live on a farm or an acreage
  • Offer to Purchase, Bill of Sale, Lease Agreement, or utility bill to show proof of address if you are moving into/within the jurisdiction but have not yet taken possession of your residence
  • Home and business telephone numbers (e-mail if available)
  • Notification of special medical conditions or medications for the child
  • Alberta Health Care Card number (not mandatory)
  • Caregiver name, if the child is in care of an adult other than parent/guardian for part of day
  • Name and address of child’s previous school (applies to students moving into the system)
  • A copy of child's most recent report card

A registration form must be completed for all new students. Parents wanting to register their K - 12 child in a school other than the one they have been designated to attend must complete a Registration Form and an Out of Attendance Area application form.

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